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September 2020 Donations

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 1 hour ago Memor:
 1 hour ago Memor:
hello here for Patria
 23 hours ago DrFeelgood:
Anyone has a link for "Patria" aired yesterday on HBO Spain?
 35 hours ago sflesch:
Just two days left and there's no movement on the monthly donations.
 3 days ago julienlemoal:
Would like to donate but I don't use PayPal, nor bitcoin. Thanks for your work. ASA we can give money by credit card, i'll be happy to donate
 5 days ago raesha:
@v8commodore:thank you so much for Ghosts S2 :-)
 7 days ago raesha:
@v8commodore: thank you, can wait..according bbc started yesterday evening
 7 days ago v8commodore:
Ghosts S02 no episodes available yet
 7 days ago raesha:
can someone reshare "BBC-Ghosts S2" started yesterday, 6 EP's every Monday for Torrent? thanks so much
 7 days ago BigEirlYtzi:
Pls reshare Reckoning OV subs FR. Thanks a lot !
 8 days ago v8commodore:
I set the DNS manually in the router
 8 days ago leledoct:
Done. Turns up I just forgot to manually set up DNS servers IPs on new PC as I did on the old one, DHCP was on per default, so I was actually using my ISP DNS, which I usually don't do. :)
 9 days ago McVeyClan:
leledoct: Check you port forwards a new computer will have a different IP then the old one because of the Processor ID number might be your problem if it's only that one computer doing it
 9 days ago v8commodore:
leledoct Your ISP must be blocking TVU then
 9 days ago leledoct:
Thanks v8commodore: is working fine! :)
 10 days ago kennnnnnnny:
If anyone could post Deon Cole's Black Box that would be nice. thank you!
 10 days ago v8commodore:
leledoct try this -
 10 days ago leledoct:
I don't get it: I bought a new PC, so same router, same IP, and TVU refuses connection. Using VPN TVU works fine. Plugging in old PC without VPN, TVU works fine. What's wrong with new PC, since it's the same router/IP than the old one?
 10 days ago McVeyClan:
spongy: use the reporting link on the show page so it goes to the proper place and gets logged
 10 days ago spongy:
um season 9 of spongebob isnt completed because theres no hdtv of dont look now so its incomplete and fix the extreme spots/squirrel record airing since its a bit stretched
 12 days ago McVeyClan:
Memor: Thanks coming down @ 3 min each ep
 13 days ago Memor:
no releases for Between Two Worlds ep 09 and 10
 13 days ago Memor:
yeldarb57, hello i check more later thx
 13 days ago yeldarb57:
Does anyone have episodes 9+10 of Between Two Worlds please.
 13 days ago Memor:
McVeyClan, hello yes i post more later thx
 13 days ago McVeyClan:
Are there any Flash season 5 BR releases available?
 13 days ago MimicMimic:
@shorty: Yes interested in away
 13 days ago dazeyjane:
i watched Away, subtitles are there for 20 odd languages - English forced gives you subtittles on only the foreign lanugage parts
 13 days ago shorty:
Anyone interested in "Away", unless you're fluent in the four languages in the video, suggest subtitles are necessary.
 13 days ago shorty:
Sent monthly $100 USD
 13 days ago HighPriest:
It is interesting to me that Strange Evidence Wiki shows a Season 5 and 4 June listings? Also of interest: Science Ch. is listing a 'Binge' month of Season 1 & 2 of SE.
 14 days ago v8commodore:
Strange Evidence is up to date by the official website
 14 days ago raesha:
Hi could send you again for August with PayPal 40$...please can someone reashare from next week "Ghosts S2 (BBC)", as torrent, I would be so grateful
 14 days ago HighPriest:
Anyone finding Season 5 of Strange Evidence? some episodes were broadcast in June.
 14 days ago apautz22:
It looks like some of the Talkcoma episodes made it into the season 2 of Tacoma FD.
 15 days ago FesterBestertester:
Formula One EN missing 5 events. Ripper hit with virus?
 15 days ago spongy:
um season 9 of spongebob isnt completed because theres no hdtv of dont look now so its incomplete and fix the extreme spots/squirrel record airing since its a bit stretched
 16 days ago cflapy:
Could anyone reshare Party of Five (1994) season 1? Thanks
 16 days ago spongy:
spongebob feral friends isnt downloading but other files are?
 16 days ago gilles273:
the six million dollar man is it possible to have the complete series french?
 20 days ago McVeyClan:
Well he lucked out they sent 1/3 of their team home all came back after seeing Dr's with nothing wrong so they replaced the thermometer they were using. This is the second scare they had at his Home Depot job, better safe than sorry I guess.
 20 days ago sflesch:
Wishing your family the best McVeyClan
 21 days ago boelander:
McVeyClan: Sorry to see this for you. These are some crazy days. I fear I may not ever see one of my sisters again, because of this. Che, slog through! We appreciate cha!
 21 days ago McVeyClan:
My daughter just got a call, My grandsons father is at work and running a 104 fever. Guess who doesn't get to come see his son for a few weeks
 23 days ago FesterBestertester:
@McVeyClan seconded!
 23 days ago Che_Guevara:
Best get the 1080p then for that screen
 24 days ago HighPriest:
I watched it yesterday on the 23" monitor. This weekend we shall watch it on the 65" big screen. great special effects!
 24 days ago McVeyClan:
I was expecting a childish script when I got the Mulan movie for my grandchildren but it's acutally a good movie for adults
 26 days ago samsara:
send 15 euros
 26 days ago McVeyClan:
Yea but our commander in chief with the brain the size of a planet, oh that was a diff movie. anyway the firestorm is because the Gov of Cali didn't rake leaves fast enough and the virus is fake
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