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February 2020 Donations

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 39 mins ago Che_Guevara:
they always have been, if they are somehow related to a TV show
 40 mins ago Citronelle:
cinema films are now authorized on TVU ?
 3 hours ago AllNon:
Thanks Mee2!!! I didn't know that i can filter the language!! ^^
 36 hours ago shorty:
Sent $100USD, sorry late this month.
 2 days ago BigEirlYtzi:
Thanks for the reshare :-)
 4 days ago BigEirlYtzi:
Someone, pls reshare "Counterpar- t" S2 ENGstFR ? Thanks
 4 days ago elomda:
Thank you for all.You are a gret team.
 5 days ago Che_Guevara:
Better late then never :)
 6 days ago Mee2:
LOL! I just realisez I can filter the listing by language in user profile. For years it had annoyed be the hell out wade through irrelevant languages (for decades)
 7 days ago Arkhael:
Yeah im still there, just not really a fan of chatbox (i miss irc even if i stopped using it a few years ago :)).
 8 days ago Harshit:
Why its saying protocol not supported
 8 days ago McVeyClan:
same happens with ED servers when updating from users you get old servers added to your list
 8 days ago McVeyClan:
sflesch nodes.dat is in hidden files, is site. if you update from users you chance getting outdated servers added, so you can get current live servers from site and maintain by not updating from users
 9 days ago HisPetsMaster:
Che, we used to talk under one of my aliases. I moved from California specifically, but I have lived in latin america before that. I am in Siberia right now) Love it here, except it isn't very cold. ((
 9 days ago blublu:
@sflesch ffmpeg is free, very light and can do a lot of things - in addition to reduce size, of course ;)
 9 days ago fifilahonte:
Bichy, Papynono, Niko and many others, we miss you
 9 days ago fifilahonte:
for size reduction, Avidemux is the best open source app but it won't treat with subs not encoded inside the video. But you can pick them up with MKVtoolnix after.
 9 days ago fifilahonte:
sflesch usually you connect to a server and when connecting to Kad, Kad is grabbing the nodes from the users on the server, works fine. If you connect directly to Kad, then this file nodes.dat can be used to do the same. is one site to find.
 9 days ago sflesch:
McVeyClan nods.dat?
 9 days ago sflesch:
Arkhael, got any quick tips on size reductions? Would love as much automation as possible. I have 16tb of data spread out all over. PM if you like.
 9 days ago McVeyClan:
I know its not the forum, any chance of finding 15x6 of Restaurant Impossible? was filmed few miles from my house
 10 days ago kimisan:
coming here for many years already, i think it wil be around 10 years now
 10 days ago Che_Guevara:
HisPetsMaster: How are you liking it here? Where did you move from?
 10 days ago HisPetsMaster:
I lost my account many years ago, only recently remade it. But in general I have been around too. Now I moved to russia, it is the only reliable way to get my TV series
 10 days ago Che_Guevara:
Good to hear :)
 10 days ago Chillout:
Most of us are still around, Che, We just don't say very much anymore...... ;-)
 10 days ago Che_Guevara:
hey Arkhael, long time! Good to see you're still around :)
 11 days ago Sparzy:
Thanks for Shakespeare and Hathaway S3
 11 days ago Arkhael:
You can't ask peeps to forever keep using outdated quality/codecs/whatev because it suits you more (and maybe a few % of the target population). On top it's easy to downgrade quality, impossible to upgrade from a lowerQ file.
 11 days ago Arkhael:
Tbh the same way divX/Xvid disappeared, x264 is starting to get outdated and replaced by x265, 240/360p disappeared, 480p (and after 720p) will disappear. And it's a good thing. Don't live in the past.
 11 days ago hollygiles:
Hey guys....chill! Are we not all sooo grateful to be able to watch our tele without matter what size the file. There are a LOT of people who don't have the luxury we do. I for one am grateful for ALL files. Loe this community xx
 11 days ago raesha:
@FesterBestertester: then wait until you get all on DVD and you need nobody to can't imagine how happy am I with Che and Co...they are ANGELS
 11 days ago Citronelle:
720 is the new 480.
 11 days ago Che_Guevara:
Don't start with this discussion again :)
 11 days ago FesterBestertester:
@reisha, sentiments echoed! Just wish there was straigght HDTV (480p) as well.: 720p is 3 or 4 times the size :(
 12 days ago raesha:
@Ter77: thank you sooooooo much for Shakespeare and Hathaway S3 :-)
 12 days ago McVeyClan:
Wlth all the ED servers disappearing I updated my KAD server list from , most stalled files started finding sources again
 12 days ago marcus33:
It is; welcome back to the fold...
 13 days ago TVUnderGroundShare:
eD2K is still a thing, I'm surprised
 13 days ago Memor:
hello Bichy
 13 days ago Che_Guevara:
 13 days ago BichyUser:
Hi guys! That was a long time... How are you all?
 13 days ago sflesch:
Thanks M, and thanks for your hard work too!
 14 days ago raesha:
Hi, Shakespear and Hathaway S3 started yesterday, every day Mo-Fr an E, this and next week, also 10E..any chance for it/torrent? thanks so much, ANGELS
 14 days ago Memor:
yes sflesch, i edit thx
 14 days ago sflesch:
Memor, pretty sure Traces DVD should be season 1, not 2.
 16 days ago raesha:
@Ter77: LOL, have seen it...Yippiee, thanks so much for E6, you all are ANGELS
 16 days ago raesha:
@Ter77: of corse I can wait ;-) only to let you know that I would not be too devastated if I would have to buy the Box
 16 days ago Ter77:
seems like you are not going to wait raesha :)
 16 days ago lionnn1488:
Thanks for your work team TV Underground
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