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July 2020 Donations

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 25 hours ago boelander:
Condor, Folks! If you haven't seen it yet, take a look. Really suspensful!
 4 days ago raesha:
sent you for July $90.-- ...hope for "Psych, Lassie comes home"/15 July, new Stream-Service Peakock, would be very thankful
 8 days ago pinavanti:
Monthly bit on its way. Thanks to the whole bunch.
 9 days ago McVeyClan:
Message box scrolls off screen and deleats itself after a short time and may not be seen depending on how many posts and how long they are
 9 days ago McVeyClan:
Post [REQ] for shows in Forum so it has a permanant posting for someone to fill the requested item if available
 9 days ago McVeyClan:
Report errors under show list page 'Report Additional Information/Erro- rs" so Mods are flagged as to issues needing fixes
 10 days ago Memor:
hello silvershilling, ok i edited now it's good thx
 10 days ago silvershilling:
Memor and v8commodore: re. the new season of American Dad: Eps. 2 & 3 (Downtown, and Cheek to Cheek) are actually eps 21 and 22 of the previous season. Also, ep. 8, Roger Needs Dick, is actually One Fish, Two Fish. Just a heads up!
 10 days ago GREEBO22:
@HighPriest Hi Both Moscudelhi (The Civil War posted 6yrs ago) & FuneralPyre (The A Word S02 posted 3yrs ago) asked about "seeding" (resharing) as the episodes are probibly archived as not currently aired
 10 days ago Templar:
Thanks to whom put up the Sronger Together concert!!
 10 days ago HighPriest:
Moscud: Select "C" at the top. Look for "Civil War - The"
 11 days ago moscudelhi:
Any possibility of seeding PBS's The Civil War?
 12 days ago hal000:
bluelily: Only the first three episodes of season 2 are out...
 12 days ago bluelily:
Condor is out.Thank you Che
 12 days ago bluelily:
Does someone know if Condor season 2 has been released yet ?
 12 days ago HighPriest:
You will find 'The A Word' under Browse Shows "A" A Word The seaon 2 multi formats.
 15 days ago FuneralPyre:
I'm struggling to get "The A Word" season 2, guys. Can anyone help with seeding?
 16 days ago bigbelly:
 16 days ago elizzar:
Hello. I have sent £20 via PP, hopefully!
 18 days ago bigbelly:
Dark_1x07_Kreuzw- ege_ENG+GER_-_sub_ENG+GER_720p_WEBRip.[].mkv
 18 days ago shorty:
Sent $100 USD
 18 days ago bigbelly:
https://tvunderg- this post
 18 days ago bigbelly:
thanks memor its in the tvu index and in eng/ge thxr
 19 days ago Memor:
hello, what show ? this ? https://tvunderg- and what language ?
 19 days ago bigbelly:
hello all would anyone reshare dark 1.07many of us cant seem to get thanks inadvance
 21 days ago Che_Guevara:
boonies posted
 21 days ago Che_Guevara:
Fine here, must be something on your side, or network issue
 21 days ago v8commodore:
Website really slow ATM
 21 days ago HighPriest:
Google "The Boonies" tv show, it's on HBO
 21 days ago bamealor1976:
cant find the show boonies about off griid living
 23 days ago Che_Guevara:
I'll post more modern rips of that show
 23 days ago Nantes:
Greetings, I'm trying to find this one to continue downloading,A-Te- am,.The.2x01.Diamonds.'n'.Dust.DVDRip-mmr.[]_NEW.avi.part
 23 days ago jackbarten76:
sent money
 23 days ago Lagostim:
thank you mate
 24 days ago v8commodore:
 24 days ago Lagostim:
can you send the link for ed2k can't find sft
 24 days ago Bassay:
hi, any chance of getting the series el presidente as a Torrent, pleeeeease
 25 days ago McVeyClan:
Emulators and roms are good too, I have every console game around from Atari to Xbox 1000's just get a game pad and play forever
 25 days ago McVeyClan:
@Lagostim: Try sister site STF for ed2k or for game torrents
 26 days ago rndzek:
Mmm, I am confident that I have logged in within that time..
 26 days ago Lagostim:
Hey guys. can someone recomend me a good ed2k site for apps movies and so?
 26 days ago Che_Guevara:
if you don't login for a while, acc gets deleted (a year I think)
 26 days ago rndzek:
Hi. So I had an account here, for a very long time. And today it looks like it's been wiped.. What's up?
 26 days ago McVeyClan:
Thanks Che the older Roswells are moving now
 29 days ago Che_Guevara:
All good, we are past that
 29 days ago jakilcz:
what story?
 29 days ago gondovald:
Site owner : I just saw the story about the twitter guy. So so sorry, but do not give up, that is what he wants. Thx for keeping this site alive, we love what you do.
 29 days ago dazeyjane:
any chance of dvd rips for Grey's Antomy s15?
 30 days ago samsara:
send 15 euros
 30 days ago dom00069:
Big thanks to V8commodore for marvel agent of shield :)
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