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August 2020 Donations

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Current Goal: $500


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 17 hours ago shorty:
Sent $100 USD
 26 hours ago Che_Guevara:
marcus33: best use the forum
 26 hours ago eveplater:
Okoodakood:thank you converting the file worked! thank you again
 26 hours ago marcus33:
Is this the right place to place a request for someone to re-share The Sopranos season 3 or should I use the forum?
 2 days ago FesterBestertester:
@eveplater: Are you doing too much else in the background? What's your hardware? A Raspberry Pi 4 will play video with little other than the necessary file manager running elsewise.
 3 days ago Okoodakood:
@eveplater : when i have that problem, most of the time it's because of codecs. You can try to convert the file to avi. If nothing works, try Chromecast :) With a little luck... ♫
 3 days ago eveplater:
I can download a whole season all the same and one wont work! Just completely freeze, obviously hasnt happened to anyone else?
 3 days ago shorty:
Chillout: Thanks for confirm.
 3 days ago eveplater:
Citronelle Ive tried different files, works on my pc but not on tv using usb drive
 3 days ago eveplater:
hal000 Ive tried that unfortunately didnt work
 3 days ago Citronelle:
@eveplater : what file is it?
 3 days ago hal000:
eveplater: Try redownloading the file :)
 4 days ago McVeyClan:
It may just optimize the processed video for your own system
 4 days ago eveplater:
Could anyone please help, an occassional eps downloaded wont play and freezes, have to switch off completely, tried on diffrent players same result, tried downloading different version same result! What am I doing wrong? thank you
 4 days ago Chillout:
I see your Point, Shorty - Just tried an encode with, then without, ticked box - Absolutlty NO difference in FPS or encode time!
 5 days ago shorty:
Chillout: That's set in preferences by default, no indication it used the video card though.
 5 days ago htaas:
Is there a trusted sister site for computor/OS programs?
 5 days ago domonic:
i use format factory to convert works well
 5 days ago Berghaus:
Can we please get series 2 of Condor with English subtitles
 6 days ago shorty:
Chillout: Thanks, I'll have to look at the preferences, much appreciated. It did appear to eat the 4-core processor just fine ;-) I will definitely try that, thanks.
 6 days ago donaldinho:
i forgot to say with french subtitles... :)
 6 days ago donaldinho:
whoever post Psych 2 lassie comes home will be my hero forever ;-)
 7 days ago db206:
HAs anyone got Lego Ninjago season 12?
 7 days ago Chillout:
Shorty, HandBrake DOES use Video card (Preferences,Video: Your card type should be ticked) It has multicore CPU support, too...
 9 days ago shorty:
Sounds like a coding challenge to me, I'm long past my coding days though. ;-)
 9 days ago v8commodore:
Shorty try - https://www.vide-
 9 days ago HighPriest:
shorty: That's a great question and idea; but I have no answer for it.
 10 days ago shorty:
BeachBum99 and HighPriest - tried Hand Brake, performs about the same as HD Video Converter with fewer options. Wonder why none of those video conversion programs use the video card to process video?
 12 days ago Che_Guevara:
Yes, the email is correct.
 12 days ago pinavanti:
Che, since there's the notice to check the email address, my question was about if the one for PP donations is still valid. I know that DONATE says it is. Sorry for my request of reassurance. Always grateful for what the whole team keeps on doing.
 13 days ago Che_Guevara:
pinavanti how do I tell it's you lol
 13 days ago samsara:
send 15 euros
 13 days ago stargard:
the link for Batman And RobinThe Boy Wonder ep 1x09 appears to be broken
 13 days ago pinavanti:
Che. Please let me know if my bits sent to Paulette via PP is ok ? Thank
 13 days ago shorty:
I bow to you flendor, thanks for your generosity, so well deserved for this site, but assuredly most appreciated.
 14 days ago draconistx:
$10.00 USD sent, hope this little bit helps!
 14 days ago Che_Guevara:
HighPriest: it doesn't exactly work like that, there's no skrill acc on that email. You should be able to just cancel the payment immediately.
 14 days ago Che_Guevara:
flendor: oh wow, that is really really generous of you. Shame I don't keep records, that might be an all time high! Sooo I guess we're done for august lol Thanks again, you're a star!
 14 days ago flendor:
I just sent GBP500 to make up for all of the years that I have not paid, but have made use of all of your hard work. I apologise and will try to be more consistent in the future.
 14 days ago HighPriest:
Che: It went to Paulette PP. Can'T she still get it tp you?
 14 days ago Che_Guevara:
My skrill is long ago blocked, I've removed it now. You should get the payment back, as account is closed!
 14 days ago HighPriest:
C note via Skrill to start August.
 14 days ago Che_Guevara:
Ok, all good, thanks everyone!
 14 days ago tacotuesdays77:
Sent $50
 14 days ago gotchao:
 15 days ago Kris64:
20$ send for SEO Services. :)
 15 days ago raesha:
sent you via PayPal 25$ for August..sorry not for more, comes hard rough months for my health bills..but promise that I send every month as much I can
 15 days ago ksmithaz1:
$50 Evil
 15 days ago marcus33:
I've sent a tenna your way via the PP Monster to cover postage. Thanks to Che and the team for all your hard work.
 15 days ago MrLapo:
24$ sent for SEO services
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