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April 2021 Donations

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 6 hours ago BUNO19:
Hi! Is there any chance someone has Trop which Evelyne Brochu as the leading actor?
 8 hours ago Memor:
hello flemming, french link? i see 55 sources
 21 hours ago flemming:
Any have Cosmic Sin, please reshare
 30 hours ago skull66:
Hi, FBI:Most Wanted S02E11 is actually S02E08.
 33 hours ago moscudelhi:
much obliged v8commodore
 45 hours ago Poesje:
Hi NCIS5150 ForThePeople2018 is on reshare (ed2k).
 2 days ago sflesch:
Please remember to make your donations! This website needs your support. And Thanks Che and Memor and whoever else is helping behind the scenes!
 2 days ago silvershilling:
Hi! Does anyone have a copy of American Dad 16x15, "Roger Needs Dick"?
 2 days ago NCIS5150:
Hi All, can anyone with "For The People Season 2" please make them available for sharing as struggling to complete season. Lockdown binge watching has been a struggle completeing seasons.
 2 days ago chetrondu59:
Is there any sources for One tree hill frech version ?
 2 days ago tekmiyu:
Anyone with Downton Abbey 2019 (Movie) in Spanish? The Lady of the house asked for it and I got no idea where to find it. Pls Help!
 2 days ago sflesch:
And all set. Thanks Memor!!
 3 days ago Memor:
hello sflesch,  The Thundermans S04 is reshare
 3 days ago Memor:
hello sflesch,  The Thundermans S03 is reshare
 3 days ago v8commodore:
Ballers 3x04 HDTV complete in my shared folder, 720p & BDRip still coming down
 4 days ago moscudelhi:
I'm having trouble with Ballers 3x04. Can't download it in any available format. Could someone please reshare?
 4 days ago sflesch:
Law & Order SVU 21x20 hdtv audio is descriptive audio. Redownloading to double check.
 5 days ago shorty:
Torrent for Manifest Season 3 webrip has 3x01 - Tailfin misnamed as 3x11 - Tailfin. Used to be correct, odd.
 5 days ago sflesch:
Thanks for all your work, Memor
 5 days ago sflesch:
Thanks Memor. 2 is done. Ready for the next. If you want, I can probably pull 3 & 4 pretty quick.
 6 days ago Memor:
hello yes i look this soon thx
 6 days ago Sheridan:
@ Memor - I submitted 3 seasons for Rosemary And Thyme still unverified. thx
 6 days ago Memor:
hello sflesch,  The Thundermans S02 is reshare
 6 days ago sflesch:
Thanx Memor. Season 1 finished. I'll keep a closer watch for the next couple seasons.
 7 days ago shorty:
Sent $100 USD mid-month kicker, thanks as always.
 8 days ago Memor:
hello sflesch,  The Thundermans S01 is reshare
 8 days ago McVeyClan:
Oh the pains of new computers. 1st wasn't activated, 2nd was locked out of admin access, 3rd found 5 back doors into system from techs who built it. got latest ISO from micromush and reinstalled win 10 and activated through reg. all good now
 8 days ago Sheridan:
@ Memor .. sorry to bother you, i submitted a new season for Outlander and it's still unverified. thx
 9 days ago v8commodore:
Link for eMule 0.60 - https://forum.em-
 9 days ago sflesch:
Is Morph an emule branch? Wait a new version of eMule after all these years?!
 9 days ago volmilka:
Thanks for all links to share :-)) do you have "murder, she baked" in french, please?
 9 days ago volmilka:
Hello, thanks for all links :-)))
 9 days ago sflesch:
BTW, I'm very happy with Nord, especially when I get the really super good deals like a 3 year plan for $99.
 9 days ago sflesch:
@McVeyClan, sure there are free trials, but to crack vpn software when most of it is on the other end.
 9 days ago ukmoist1:
Many thanks :)
 9 days ago moscudelhi:
thank you very much, verukins, much obliged
 9 days ago ukmoist1:
Has Keeping Faith (3x03) appeared on SD yet? Many thanks.
 9 days ago Memor:
hello ultrapop ok thx i check
 9 days ago ultrapop:
@ Memor ... i sent several Columbo links that still unchecked. Thanks.
 10 days ago Memor:
hello ok i check
 10 days ago AstroCole:
@ Memor ... so i have Memor, a few seasons for Endeavour that are still unchecked. thanks
 10 days ago Memor:
hello guys, if you have submitted links and which aren't validated, send me a mp with the name of the show, because we have a bug thx
 10 days ago verukins:
@moscudelh ballers seasons 1-5 are on my share and have been for... well, since they were released
 11 days ago UncaBob:
Can someone seed Travelrs (2016) Season 2 (2160p)? Stuck at 91.1%
 11 days ago McVeyClan:
sflesch: & Snowball: I used up a few free trials and alot aren't P2P friendly.Still having fun with my new system, driving neighbors crazy, 60 yr old jamming to my Alice Cooper collection of MP3's while gaming again.
 11 days ago v8commodore:
There use to be a leecher client 0.60 that was in the ban list.
 11 days ago v8commodore:
If you are using Morph 12.7 turn off the anti-leecher and you will be able to connect to eMule 0.60 clients.
 12 days ago Memor:
hello sflesch and moscudelh, ok but the server is down, i hope Che look this soon...
 12 days ago Memor:
hello AstroCole it's good
 12 days ago AstroCole:
hello Memor, I submitted links for endeavour season 5 and they're still unverified. Can you check please? thank you
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