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August 2020 Donations

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Current Goal: $500


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 47 mins ago donaldinho:
i forgot to say with french subtitles... :)
 3 hours ago donaldinho:
whoever post Psych 2 lassie comes home will be my hero forever ;-)
 28 hours ago db206:
HAs anyone got Lego Ninjago season 12?
 34 hours ago Chillout:
Shorty, HandBrake DOES use Video card (Preferences,Video: Your card type should be ticked) It has multicore CPU support, too...
 2 days ago shorty:
Sounds like a coding challenge to me, I'm long past my coding days though. ;-)
 2 days ago v8commodore:
Shorty try - https://www.vide-
 2 days ago HighPriest:
shorty: That's a great question and idea; but I have no answer for it.
 4 days ago shorty:
BeachBum99 and HighPriest - tried Hand Brake, performs about the same as HD Video Converter with fewer options. Wonder why none of those video conversion programs use the video card to process video?
 6 days ago Che_Guevara:
Yes, the email is correct.
 6 days ago pinavanti:
Che, since there's the notice to check the email address, my question was about if the one for PP donations is still valid. I know that DONATE says it is. Sorry for my request of reassurance. Always grateful for what the whole team keeps on doing.
 6 days ago Che_Guevara:
pinavanti how do I tell it's you lol
 6 days ago samsara:
send 15 euros
 6 days ago stargard:
the link for Batman And RobinThe Boy Wonder ep 1x09 appears to be broken
 7 days ago pinavanti:
Che. Please let me know if my bits sent to Paulette via PP is ok ? Thank
 7 days ago shorty:
I bow to you flendor, thanks for your generosity, so well deserved for this site, but assuredly most appreciated.
 8 days ago draconistx:
$10.00 USD sent, hope this little bit helps!
 8 days ago Che_Guevara:
HighPriest: it doesn't exactly work like that, there's no skrill acc on that email. You should be able to just cancel the payment immediately.
 8 days ago Che_Guevara:
flendor: oh wow, that is really really generous of you. Shame I don't keep records, that might be an all time high! Sooo I guess we're done for august lol Thanks again, you're a star!
 8 days ago flendor:
I just sent GBP500 to make up for all of the years that I have not paid, but have made use of all of your hard work. I apologise and will try to be more consistent in the future.
 8 days ago HighPriest:
Che: It went to Paulette PP. Can'T she still get it tp you?
 8 days ago Che_Guevara:
My skrill is long ago blocked, I've removed it now. You should get the payment back, as account is closed!
 8 days ago HighPriest:
C note via Skrill to start August.
 8 days ago Che_Guevara:
Ok, all good, thanks everyone!
 8 days ago tacotuesdays77:
Sent $50
 8 days ago gotchao:
 8 days ago Kris64:
20$ send for SEO Services. :)
 8 days ago raesha:
sent you via PayPal 25$ for August..sorry not for more, comes hard rough months for my health bills..but promise that I send every month as much I can
 8 days ago ksmithaz1:
$50 Evil
 8 days ago marcus33:
I've sent a tenna your way via the PP Monster to cover postage. Thanks to Che and the team for all your hard work.
 8 days ago MrLapo:
24$ sent for SEO services
 8 days ago silvershilling:
 9 days ago v8commodore:
American Dad done :)
 9 days ago shorty:
Ok BeachBum99 and HighPriest, I'll have to check it out. Was responding to the guy who couldn't play mkv ... I'm good. Thanks.
 9 days ago silvershilling:
Does anyone have a link to this past Monday's "American Dad"?
 10 days ago HighPriest:
Yes .. Handbreak is Great & FREE
 10 days ago Turalyon288:
Anyone have the missing links for 2nd season of Ghost Hunters (2019)?
 10 days ago BeachBum99:
shorty, Handbreak is great and is free.
 10 days ago Citronelle:
@andy-b79 : Box Android MX10 ?
 10 days ago shorty:
Can you use HD Video Converter or something similar to get the format you need?
 10 days ago FesterBestertester:
@andy-b79: or convert with Winff?
 10 days ago FesterBestertester:
@andy-b79: Raspberry Pi.
 11 days ago andy-b79:
Thanks Che. older TV and for watching on iPad, so little choice on file format.
 11 days ago Che_Guevara:
Sorry, deleted the shout about mp4 by accident...
 11 days ago Che_Guevara:
Upgrading hardware to one that supports mkv is not an option? :)
 12 days ago Che_Guevara:
Guys, don't forget about donations please,EOM closing in.
 14 days ago FuneralPyre:
Thank you so much, Memor. Have a fantastic day! :)
 14 days ago Memor:
FuneralPyre posted
 15 days ago FuneralPyre:
"Man Like Mobeen" is missing 3x01 and 3x05. Any chance of getting them?
 15 days ago Che_Guevara:
nope, hasn't gone past e01 yet
 15 days ago McVeyClan:
any sign of Undercover Chef? should be airing ep 4 tonight only listing ep1
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