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March 2021 Donations

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 2 hours ago JakaRacman:
Memor 10x
 5 hours ago Memor:
hello JakaRacmann no find other links maybe soon
 8 hours ago verukins:
Fringe S4 ep 8,9,10,11 gets an "Out of range value for column 'e_clicks' at row 1" error when clicking... rest of reason is fine. link issue ?
 8 hours ago Memor:
hello MIJAILGORBA, i don't have this episodes sorry, i hope soon
 8 hours ago MIJAILGORBA:
Dear Memor, would it be possible to post the 4 episodes of "Wilder" in German, that are not yet available in tvunderground?
 8 hours ago shorty:
Memor: Thanks for the webrips of MacGyver, Magnum P.I., Blue Bloods and The Blacklist, I'd missed quite a few of those
 8 hours ago JakaRacman:
anyone: Romulus in 720P or less? My Pc is to weak to play 1080. I canreduce the resolution, but I loose subtitles and I can't speal latin. :-/
 8 hours ago POshyte:
Thank you Memor :)
 21 hours ago Memor:
hello uk00121, it's good for Trailer Park Boys Jail
 28 hours ago POshyte:
thank you for Letterkenny, any chance someone has Trailer Park Boys Jail? thanks again
 45 hours ago uk00121:
anyone have Letterkenny season 9? Didn't even know it had been out.
 2 days ago robina:
Thx Memor
 2 days ago Memor:
hello Deangirl64, good i post 2 news episodes thx
 3 days ago Memor:
hello robina, i add repack thx
 3 days ago Deangirl64:
Dekes anybody by chance have new episodes of Men in Kilts? Would love to see them. Thank you!
 3 days ago robina:
The resident 4x07 webrip is only 18 mins long
 4 days ago Che_Guevara:
yeah, it's correct, thanks
 5 days ago Snowball:
Then Yvette must be the correct link. Thx.
 5 days ago clo2:
Paulette Phillips, Yvette Norton... Didn't you know Che's harem ? :-)
 5 days ago 30denari:
I made a donation too, same recipient
 5 days ago Snowball:
Che: I made a donation by PP via PPP which linked to Yvette Norton .. Is this correct?
 7 days ago LuisMarado:
I have this long delayed wish of getting my hands on all episodes of "All in the Family" (1971-79). Can someone get them? Thank you in advance?
 7 days ago Che_Guevara:
Done, thanks everyone!
 7 days ago samsara:
send 15 euros
 7 days ago Scoundrel:
Just sent £20 by evil one.
 7 days ago boelander:
Sent 10
 7 days ago dumschitt:
Sent via PP $20Aud
 7 days ago Devilbeard666:
Some help sent via evil
 7 days ago mordyk:
Just sent $20
 7 days ago osteoval973:
send 50 €
 7 days ago Poesje:
@ukmoist1 Sorry no Magnum this week.
 8 days ago milwaukiedave:
can an administrator please send me a message.
 8 days ago ukmoist1:
Was there a Magnum (SD) this week?
 8 days ago treemen:
WCTHeart 8x01 has been found! The Happy :) Thanks for posting, happy to see you back online!
 8 days ago stargard:
Thank you for the Outer Limits episodes fam! :-)
 8 days ago LoveReds:
Thanks to whoever posted Battlebot Bounty Hunters!
 8 days ago uiu:
THKS GOD UR BACK ouuuffffffff
 8 days ago shaay:
happy to see the site back up and running.
 8 days ago Namarie:
Yay! It's back.. :)
 10 days ago treemen:
The new WCTHeart 8x01 hasn't been found yet? The wondering..
 11 days ago Snowball:
Or try Pirate Bay: They have most everything: https://thepirat-
 11 days ago Snowball:
Rarbg -- Scroll down - Season 2 at bottom of page.
 11 days ago verukins:
as a side note - i havent been able to recover my forum password for years - email never comes (not in spam either). What address does it come from? so i can whitelist it.
 11 days ago verukins:
hey @Poesje - now have all of eureka - thanks. Will continue to share it - so you can remove.
 11 days ago hansolo79:
Thanks!! @snowball, but I need second season.
 12 days ago Snowball:
They are available at Rarbg:https://ra-
 12 days ago hansolo79:
HI! I want to find the Yonderlan Torrents, anyone knows where to find them? Thanks
 13 days ago Poesje:
Eureka on reshare
 14 days ago ukmoist1:
Many thanks :)
 14 days ago Memor:
yes it's good thx
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