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 8 hours ago Memor:
weird i see 5 sources
 9 hours ago anthony196:
No sources for the girlfriend experience S2 french
 18 hours ago Memor:
Portillo's State Secrets - Saison 1 reshare
 20 hours ago dumschitt:
Hoping for help resharing Inside.The.Railw- ay.3x11 to 19.720p.HDTV
 20 hours ago POshyte:
hi all, anychance some1 can post Street Outlaws season 5 eps. 2,3? thanks
 20 hours ago simong:
thank you Memor, just noticed your answer, will try your links.
 36 hours ago stoatwblr:
snowball: look in the tvrelease forums, or wait a few days
 38 hours ago dickensho:
Hi. please help me complete The Closer 7x08 & 5x15 (720p), stuck for months, thanks
 2 days ago Snowball:
Does anyone have Hawaii.Five-O 1968 S8 & S11 ?
 2 days ago Snowball:
V8C: I just quickly scaned the episode and it looks clean.
 2 days ago Snowball:
V8Commodore: Rebel 1x08 ; eventually it did download. I haven't played it yet to see if it came in clean.
 3 days ago Memor:
hello simong, new links for night on earth in french webrip
 3 days ago rc2601:
Is there any chance or a reshare of all series of Ghost Adventures please
 3 days ago v8commodore:
Snowball which ep?
 3 days ago ukmoist1:
Is Call the Midwife (10x01) available in SD? Many thanks.
 3 days ago Memor:
hello Akym75, yes i do a mistake, it's season 11 sorry
 3 days ago Akym75:
So Masterchef (US) jumped from season 10 to season 28 - mistake?
 3 days ago marconunesml:
Les Mystérieuses Cités D'Or season 4 , can anyone get it???
 3 days ago Snowball:
Rebel web rip seems to have some hash problems ... won't load for me.
 3 days ago tavsan:
@McVeyClan, Sole Survivor (1970); 1.2g gb file in ulozto net
 4 days ago stoatwblr:
Does anyone have the dynasty (classic) ed2ks posted by ter77 a few years back? The very few sources available are sparse and slow
 4 days ago simong:
if anyone could repost night on earth in french webrip it would greatly appreciated
 4 days ago v8commodore:
Texas Metal - 4x09 done
 5 days ago DJTalon:
Looking for Texas Metal - 4x09
 5 days ago stoatwblr:
it seems popular. I'd say a few people. Thanks. were waiting for it
 6 days ago v8commodore:
Dynasty.(2017).2- my shared folder too
 6 days ago Memor:
hello stoatwblr, ok i reshare
 6 days ago stoatwblr:
memor. would you mind putting Dynasty.(2017).2- x11.The.Sight.Of.You.DVDRip.x264-PFa.mkv up for a while? it's currently sourceless
 6 days ago ohbozo:
Thank you Memore .... you're the best
 7 days ago Memor:
hello ohbozo, it's good
 7 days ago ohbozo:
Memor, are episodes 18, 18 & 20 available from Big Brother AU , season 13 ??
 7 days ago McVeyClan:
Thank Memor It's a great mobie when you find out whats going on near the end, similar to Lost
 8 days ago snusmumrik:
Does anyone have The last weekend 01x01 to share please? Nothing since February :-(
 8 days ago Memor:
hello McVeyClan, i hope is good show : https://tvunderg-
 8 days ago McVeyClan:
I know it's a movie but I'm looking for .com/title/tt0065007/ I have a torrent been stalled for months if anyone can piont me to a complete copy, torrent or Ed2k
 9 days ago sKeith:
yes, normal, somebody needs to approve it, then it appears.
 9 days ago antonovich:
I just uploaded my first torrent file. I get the yellow "NEW" but it doesn't appear yet. Is that normal?
 9 days ago savage65:
Tell my your secret ?
 10 days ago v8commodore:
NCIS5150 sd & 720p versions added to my sared folder
 10 days ago ohbozo:
Thank you Memore .... much appreciated ,,,
 10 days ago dumschitt:
Memor The legend! Thx I'm slowly filling the gaps.
 10 days ago Memor:
hello NCIS5150, for Amazing Grace, you miss what episode? and sd or 720p thx
 10 days ago stoatwblr:
bunch of classic shows added in ed2k releases on the forums. It'd be good if people reshare and add to main releases, etc
 10 days ago ohbozo:
Requesting someone post episodes 17-20 of Big Brother (AU) season 13 please if available .. thanks in advance
 10 days ago dumschitt:
Does anyone Have "Starstruck" Season 1 Ep4 to 6 Eng. love to see how it finishes
 10 days ago NCIS5150:
Hi all, still having issues trying to get "Amazing Grace" Eps 3 & $. Does anyone have these. Many Thanks in advance.
 10 days ago ukmoist1:
Looking for Anne Boleyn from UK's Channel 5 (2021 mini-series)
 10 days ago dumschitt:
Memor Thx
 11 days ago Memor:
hello dumschitt, good
 11 days ago dumschitt:
Does anyone Have "How to Stay Married" Season 3. Great Aussie Comedy
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Legacies - Season 3

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Dub: english

Video Codec: Unknown | Resolution: Unknown | Audio: Unknown

Source: Mixed | Format: x264 | Type: 720p.WEBRip/720p.HDTV
Status: Still Running

Episode Guide

Title Sort AscendingSort Descending Type Sort AscendingSort Descending Ripper Sort AscendingSort Descending Size Clicks Sort AscendingSort Descending Date Added Sort AscendingSort Descending Submitter
Legacies - 3x01 - We're Not Worthy.mkv 720p.WEBRip CAKES757 MB1462021-01-22 06:17v8commodore
Legacies - 3x02 - Goodbyes Sure Do Suck.mkv 720p.HDTV SYNCOPY810 MB1252021-01-29 03:33v8commodore
Legacies - 3x03 - Salvatore, The Musical.mkv 720p.HDTV SYNCOPY836 MB1222021-02-05 03:22v8commodore
Legacies - 3x04 - Hold On Tight.mkv 720p.HDTV SYNCOPY955 MB1332021-02-12 03:46v8commodore
Legacies - 3x05 - This Is What It Takes.mkv 720p.HDTV SYNCOPY1.05 GB1142021-02-19 06:25v8commodore
Legacies - 3x06 - To Whom It May Concern.mkv 720p.WEBRip CAKES759 MB1162021-03-12 09:48v8commodore
Legacies - 3x07 - Yup, It's A Leprechaun, All Right.mkv 720p.HDTV SYNCOPY935 MB1142021-03-19 05:49v8commodore
Legacies - 3x08 - Long Time, No See.mkv 720p.WEBRip CAKES756 MB1092021-03-26 05:29v8commodore
Legacies - 3x09 - Do All Malivore Monsters Provide This Level Of Emotional Insight.mkv 720p.WEBRip CAKES756 MB942021-04-09 07:41v8commodore
Legacies - 3x10 - All's Well That Ends Well.mkv 720p.HDTV SYNCOPY863 MB732021-04-16 03:16v8commodore
Legacies - 3x11 - You Can't Run From Who You Are.mkv 720p.WEBRip GOSSIP1.41 GB742021-05-07 06:54v8commodore
Legacies - 3x12 - I Was Made To Love You.mkv 720p.HDTV SYNCOPY877 MB682021-05-14 03:50v8commodore
Legacies - 3x13 - One Day You Will Understand.mkv 720p.WEBRip GGWP756 MB682021-05-22 00:58v8commodore
Legacies - 3x14 - This Feels A Little Cult-y.mkv Previous week 720p.HDTV SYNCOPY895 MB562021-06-11 03:28v8commodore

Torrents For This Season

Status: Still Running

Title S L Type Ripper Size Clicks Date Added Submitter
3x01 - We're Not Worthy Trackerudp://
Fileslegacies.s03e01.720p.web.h264-cakes[].mkv - 757.03 Mo
88173720p.WEBRip CAKES757.03 Mo1562021-01-22 06:18v8commodore
3x02 - Goodbyes Sure Do Suck Trackerudp://
Fileslegacies.s03e02.720p.hdtv.x264-syncopy[].mkv - 809.7 Mo
100154720p.HDTV SYNCOPY809.7 Mo1262021-01-29 03:31v8commodore
3x03 - Salvatore, The Musical Trackerudp://
Fileslegacies.s03e03.720p.hdtv.x264-syncopy[].mkv - 836.08 Mo
90114720p.HDTV SYNCOPY836.08 Mo1272021-02-05 03:23v8commodore
3x04 - Hold On Tight Trackerudp://
Fileslegacies.s03e04.720p.hdtv.x264-syncopy[].mkv - 954.87 Mo
16388720p.HDTV SYNCOPY954.87 Mo1322021-02-12 03:47v8commodore
3x05 - This Is What It Takes Trackerudp://
Fileslegacies.s03e05.720p.hdtv.x264-syncopy[].mkv - 1.05 Go
11343720p.HDTV SYNCOPY1.05 Go1372021-02-19 06:25v8commodore
3x06 - To Whom It May Concern Trackerudp://
Fileslegacies.s03e06.720p.web.h264-cakes[].mkv - 759.42 Mo
16337720p.WEBRip CAKES759.42 Mo1272021-03-12 09:53v8commodore
3x07 - Yup, It's A Leprechaun, All Right Trackerudp://
FilesLegacies.S03E07.720p.HDTV.x264-SYNCOPY[].mkv - 935 Mo
15133720p.HDTV SYNCOPY935 Mo1272021-03-19 05:50v8commodore
3x08 - Long Time, No See Tracker[rarbg]/RARBG.txt - 30 octets
Legacies.S03E08.720p.WEB.H264-CAKES[rarbg]/RARBG_DO_NOT_MIRROR.exe - 99 octets
Legacies.S03E08.720p.WEB.H264-CAKES[rarbg]/legacies.s03e08.720p.web.h264-cakes.mkv - 756.18 Mo
Legacies.S03E08.720p.WEB.H264-CAKES[rarbg]/legacies.s03e08.720p.web.h264-cakes.nfo - 247 octets
00720p.WEBRip CAKES756.18 Mo1352021-03-26 05:30v8commodore
3x09 - Do All Malivore Monsters Provide This Level Of Emotional Insight Trackerudp://
FilesLegacies.S03E09.720p.WEB.H264-CAKES[].mkv - 756.42 Mo
14949720p.WEBRip CAKES756.42 Mo1322021-04-09 07:41v8commodore
3x10 - All's Well That Ends Well Trackerudp://
Fileslegacies.s03e10.720p.hdtv.x264-syncopy[].mkv - 862.88 Mo
11580720p.HDTV SYNCOPY862.88 Mo912021-04-16 03:16v8commodore
3x11 - You Can't Run From Who You Are Trackerudp://
FilesLegacies.S03E11.720p.WEB.h264-GOSSIP[].mkv - 1.41 Go
8387720p.WEBRip GOSSIP1.41 Go662021-05-07 06:55v8commodore
3x12 - I Was Made To Love You Trackerudp://
Fileslegacies.s03e12.720p.hdtv.x264-syncopy[].mkv - 877.19 Mo
18581720p.HDTV SYNCOPY877.19 Mo612021-05-14 03:51v8commodore
3x13 - One Day You Will Understand Trackerudp://
Fileslegacies.s03e13.720p.web.h264-ggwp[].mkv - 756.16 Mo
00720p.WEBRip GGWP756.16 Mo602021-05-22 00:58v8commodore
3x14 - This Feels A Little Cult-y Trackerudp://
Fileslegacies.s03e14.720p.hdtv.x264-syncopy[].mkv - 894.9 Mo
Previous week
18460720p.HDTV SYNCOPY894.9 Mo452021-06-11 03:29v8commodore

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