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July 2021 Donations

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 22 hours ago tvu13:
Templar what I have is now being shared
 31 hours ago Templar:
Can Anyone reshare season 1 of Bitchn' rides?
 34 hours ago v8commodore:
Boston Legal S05 HDTV added to my shared folder
 2 days ago RolandGB:
Oups. My Mystake. TY
 2 days ago Memor:
but i see Boston.Legal.S05- .HDTV.XviD-LOL.avi, have 5 sources all season ...
 2 days ago Memor:
ok i check this, if i can reshare thx
 2 days ago RolandGB:
Hello Memor Boston Legal in English any format will do
 2 days ago Memor:
hello RolandGB, Season 5 English? HDTV, DVDRip...
 2 days ago RolandGB:
It's «Boston Legal». Sorry
 2 days ago RolandGB:
Is It possible to reshare the season 5 of «Boston Public»? Thanks
 3 days ago Snorri2018:
does anyone have Når Støvet Har Lagt Sig in Danish?
 3 days ago cycke:
Hi,I'm looking for Sledge Hammer dubed in french. Thanks.
 3 days ago POshyte:
thank you for F1 British GP!! much appreciated :)
 4 days ago v8commodore:
Grand Designs S21 no releases yet
 5 days ago McVeyClan:
Did they ever air season21 of Grand designs or did Covid NIX that too?
 10 days ago shorty:
Sent $100 USD, thanks as always.
 10 days ago wizzard1972:
ty Memor
 10 days ago rc2601:
requested againIs there any chance or a reshare of all series of Ghost Adventures please
 11 days ago NCIS5150:
Thank You v8commodore
 11 days ago Memor:
hello wizzard1972, Awkwafina is Nora From Queens season 1 english are reshare
 11 days ago McVeyClan:
Well it's only been 3 years but I just got a letter, their returning my computer they took in a raid because I had a miss-named file download but their erasing everything off it so I have to reinstalll.
 11 days ago NCIS5150:
Citronelle, English please. Essodude, thanks for making these available, however I'm currently not finding any sources, hopefully I'll pick some up overnight.
 11 days ago v8commodore:
I have added S1-4 SD of Private Eyes to my shared folder too
 11 days ago wizzard1972:
can someone reup Awkwafina is Nora From Queens season 1 plz
 12 days ago essodude:
I have all 4 seasons of Private Eyes (English) on share through E-Mule
 12 days ago McVeyClan:
Snowball:I don't have access to all the resources that the Mods here have so all I can do is ask and hope when I can't find something myself
 12 days ago Citronelle:
Private eyes, wich language ?
 12 days ago Snowball:
I also tried; Torrentz2;;Lime Torrents; ;; ZOOQLE;IDOPEg;
 12 days ago Snowball:
Hi McVC: if TVU, 1337, RARBG, and Pirate Bay don't have them -- nobody does !
 12 days ago NCIS5150:
After seeing episode 1 of season 4 of Private Eyes trying to get the rest. Seasons 1, & 3 are a bit sketchy, if anyone has them can they please make available for downloading. Many Thanks
 13 days ago McVeyClan:
I would love to see the Celebrity Masterchef Austrailia season 2 shows also if anyone can find that show, it's not the same as Masterchef Austrailia or Profesionals it's a different series
 13 days ago ukmoist1:
Many thanks,
 14 days ago Memor:
ok V8 thx
 14 days ago v8commodore:
There are 2 versions of 6x02 a webrip and HDTV
 14 days ago Memor:
what links ? sd, 720p... languague?
 14 days ago zarius007:
Supergirl - 6x01 and 6x02 is the same
 15 days ago Templar:
Thanks again Memor!!! You have all the hook ups!
 15 days ago stoatwblr:
V8c: thanks. :)
 15 days ago NCIS5150:
Anyone got Celebrity Masterchef Australia, got see how Gordaon Ramsey daughter gets on.
 15 days ago v8commodore:
stoatwblr sent ed2k link to your STF indox
 15 days ago Templar:
Can anyone share BBQ brawl from the food network?
 16 days ago ukmoist1:
Any chance of getting Black Widow in SD (in English)? Many thanks.
 16 days ago stoatwblr:
if anyone has The Waltons 3x11 The Book, I'd appreciate it being reshared for a few days, thanks
 17 days ago McVeyClan:
I know this might seem wierd but anyone still have Atlantis 4x01 Adrift prerelease? If so can they repost it, I lost my copy and it's funny with the off screen cues before sound effects added
 18 days ago McVeyClan:
sflesch: this might help - index listing 5.3 Broadcast https://en.wikip-
 19 days ago sflesch:
so I'm trying to figure out if Seasons 14 & 15 have been aired yet for Ninjago. According to TVDB, they ared March and April/May. IMDB just says 2021.
 19 days ago mikross:
hi, the mysterious benedict society season 1 ep 3 in french is desynchronised
 20 days ago ohbozo:
Thank you Memore for Werewolves Within .... much appreciated ,,,
 21 days ago BigEirlYtzi:
Thanks Memor for Lisey's Story ! \m/
 21 days ago djangooo:
can someone reupload this tv show please L'Île De La Tentation
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Dub: english

Video Codec: XviD | Resolution: 624x352 [16:9] | Audio: MP3

Source: DVB | Format: XviD | Type: HDTV
Status: Complete

Episode Guide

Title Sort AscendingSort Descending Type Sort AscendingSort Descending Ripper Sort AscendingSort Descending Size Clicks Sort AscendingSort Descending Date Added Sort AscendingSort Descending Submitter
The Big Bang Theory - 3x01 - The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation.avi PROPER.HDTV FQM175 MB223552009-09-22 23:12Alex1969
The Big Bang Theory - 3x02 - The Jiminy Conjecture.avi PROPER.HDTV FQM175 MB209672009-10-04 12:06Alex1969
The Big Bang Theory - 3x03 - The Gothowitz Deviation.avi Last Edited OnLast Edited On: 2009-10-06 02:13HDTV FQM175 MB228472009-10-06 02:13LunaticFringe
The Big Bang Theory - 3x04 - The Pirate Solution.avi HDTV 2HD175 MB224412009-10-13 02:49Alex1969
The Big Bang Theory - 3x05 - The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary.avi Last Edited OnLast Edited On: 2009-10-20 05:50HDTV LOL175 MB222152009-10-20 05:50shaolin75
The Big Bang Theory - 3x06 - The Cornhusker Vortex.avi HDTV FEVER175 MB205032009-11-03 16:26christell
The Big Bang Theory - 3x07 - The Guitarist Amplification.avi Last Edited OnLast Edited On: 2009-11-10 06:48HDTV FQM175 MB208272009-11-10 06:48HugeP
The Big Bang Theory - 3x08 - The Adhesive Duck Deficiency.avi HDTV FQM175 MB205972009-11-17 03:27Alex1969
The Big Bang Theory - 3x09 - The Vengeance Formulation.avi HDTV FQM175 MB202752009-11-24 11:51christell
The Big Bang Theory - 3x10 - The Gorilla Experiment.avi HDTV FQM175 MB197952009-12-08 03:12Alex1969
The Big Bang Theory - 3x11 - The Maternal Congruence.avi HDTV FQM175 MB195292009-12-15 03:08Alex1969
The Big Bang Theory - 3x12 - The Psychic Vortex.avi HDTV NoTV175 MB180592010-01-12 03:45Che_Guevara
The Big Bang Theory - 3x13 - The Bozeman Reaction.avi HDTV 2HD174 MB177042010-01-19 03:34Alex1969
The Big Bang Theory - 3x14 - The Einstein Approximation.avi HDTV 2HD175 MB169942010-02-02 03:41Che_Guevara
The Big Bang Theory - 3x15 - The Large Hadron Collision.avi HDTV FQM175 MB167612010-02-09 03:41Alex1969
The Big Bang Theory - 3x16 - The Excelsior Acquisition.avi HDTV NoTV175 MB154092010-03-02 10:24Che_Guevara
The Big Bang Theory - 3x17 - The Precious Fragmentation.avi HDTV FQM175 MB156192010-03-09 03:14Alex1969
The Big Bang Theory - 3x18 - The Pants Alternative.avi HDTV FQM175 MB153522010-03-23 02:08Alex1969
The Big Bang Theory - 3x19 - The Wheaton Recurrence.avi HDTV FQM175 MB139412010-04-13 02:17Alex1969
The Big Bang Theory - 3x20 - The Spaghetti Catalyst.avi HDTV FQM175 MB129112010-05-04 01:41Alex1969
The Big Bang Theory - 3x21 - The Plimpton Stimulation.avi HDTV FQM175 MB125692010-05-11 02:38Che_Guevara
The Big Bang Theory - 3x22 - The Staircase Implementation.avi HDTV FQM175 MB131882010-05-18 02:32Che_Guevara
The Big Bang Theory - 3x23 - The Lunar Excitation.avi HDTV FQM175 MB119632010-05-25 02:13Alex1969

Torrents For This Season

Status: Complete

Title S L Type Ripper Size Clicks Date Added Submitter
3x01 - The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E01.The.Electric.Can.Opener.Fluctuation.PROPER.HDTV.XviD-FQM.avi - 174.77 Mo
00PROPER.HDTV FQM174.77 Mo45742009-11-03 14:44Che_Guevara
3x02 - The Jiminy Conjecture Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E02.The.Jiminy.Conjecture.PROPER.HDTV.XviD-FQM.avi - 174.78 Mo
00PROPER.HDTV FQM174.78 Mo84012009-11-03 14:43Che_Guevara
3x03 - The Gothowitz Deviation Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E03.The.Gothowitz.Deviation.HDTV.XviD-FQM.avi - 174.88 Mo
00HDTV FQM174.88 Mo82942009-11-03 14:43Che_Guevara
3x04 - The Pirate Solution Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E04.HDTV.XviD-2HD.avi - 175.28 Mo
00HDTV 2HD175.28 Mo43852009-11-03 14:43Che_Guevara
3x05 - The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E05.HDTV.XviD-LOL.avi - 174.91 Mo
20HDTV LOL174.91 Mo44362009-10-22 18:50BillyBoy
3x06 - The Cornhusker Vortex Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E06.HDTV.XviD-FEVER.avi - 175.1 Mo
00HDTV FEVER175.1 Mo45422009-11-03 14:42Che_Guevara
3x07 - The Guitarist Amplification Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E07.The.Guitarist.Amplification.HDTV.XviD-FQM.avi - 175.19 Mo
00HDTV FQM175.19 Mo45972009-11-10 06:26Che_Guevara
3x08 - The Adhesive Duck Deficiency Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E08.The.Adhesive.Duck.Deficiency.HDTV.XviD-FQM.avi - 175.11 Mo
00HDTV FQM175.11 Mo27552009-11-17 03:43Che_Guevara
3x09 - The Vengeance Formulation Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E09.The.Vengeance.Formulation.HDTV.XviD-FQM.avi - 175.22 Mo
00HDTV FQM175.22 Mo29412009-11-24 03:54Che_Guevara
3x10 - The Gorilla Experiment Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E10.The.Gorilla.Experiment.HDTV.XviD-FQM.avi - 174.86 Mo
00HDTV FQM174.86 Mo30072009-12-08 03:35Che_Guevara
3x11 - The Maternal Congruence Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E11.The.Maternal.Congruence.HDTV.XviD-FQM.avi - 175.19 Mo
00HDTV FQM175.19 Mo30172009-12-15 03:21Che_Guevara
3x12 - The Psychic Vortex Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E12.HDTV.XviD-NoTV.avi - 175.04 Mo
10HDTV NoTV175.04 Mo34452010-01-12 03:55Che_Guevara
3x13 - The Bozeman Reaction Last Edited OnLast Edited On: 2010-01-19 10:03Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E13.HDTV.XviD-2HD.avi - 174.21 Mo
10HDTV 2HD174.21 Mo30982010-01-19 10:03Barbi
3x14 - The Einstein Approximation Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E14.HDTV.XviD-2HD.avi - 175.02 Mo
18416HDTV 2HD175.02 Mo31612010-02-02 04:03Che_Guevara
3x15 - The Large Hadron Collision Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E15.The.Large.Hadron.Collision.HDTV.XviD-FQM.avi - 175.2 Mo
19720HDTV FQM175.2 Mo32352010-02-09 03:47Che_Guevara
3x16 - The Excelsior Acquisition Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E16.HDTV.XviD-NoTV.avi - 175.07 Mo
25327HDTV NoTV175.07 Mo33112010-03-02 11:46Che_Guevara
3x17 - The Precious Fragmentation Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E17.The.Precious.Fragmentation.HDTV.XviD-FQM.avi - 175.19 Mo
24818HDTV FQM175.19 Mo34642010-03-09 10:54Che_Guevara
3x18 - The Pants Alternative Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E18.The.Pants.Alternative.HDTV.XviD-FQM.avi - 175.29 Mo
33320HDTV FQM175.29 Mo25302010-04-13 09:36Che_Guevara
3x19 - The Wheaton Recurrence Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E19.The.Wheaton.Recurrence.HDTV.XviD-FQM.avi - 174.8 Mo
40220HDTV FQM174.8 Mo32582010-04-13 09:35Che_Guevara
3x20 - The Spaghetti Catalyst Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E20.The.Spaghetti.Catalyst.HDTV.XviD-FQM.avi - 175.29 Mo
39332HDTV FQM175.29 Mo34202010-05-04 02:02Che_Guevara
3x21 - The Plimpton Stimulation Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E21.The.Plimpton.Stimulation.HDTV.XviD-FQM.avi - 174.78 Mo
38828HDTV FQM174.78 Mo33342010-05-11 02:54Che_Guevara
3x22 - The Staircase Implementation Last Edited OnLast Edited On: 2010-05-18 10:11Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E22.The.Staircase.Implementation.HDTV.XviD-FQM.avi - 175.22 Mo
42520HDTV FQM175.22 Mo33492010-05-18 10:11Ter77
3x23 - The Lunar Excitation Tracker
FilesThe.Big.Bang.Theory.S03E23.The.Lunar.Excitation.HDTV.XviD-FQM.avi - 175.27 Mo
44921HDTV FQM175.27 Mo32292010-05-25 08:38Ter77

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