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October 2020 Donations

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Current Goal: $500


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 7 hours ago mickrobe:
Sent 50$US evil way
 8 hours ago fifilahonte:
Sent 40€ evil way from a Covid Free place. Hope the best for all of you
 8 hours ago raesha:
@memor: thank you so much for "Truth Seekers" :-) xxx
 26 hours ago marcus33:
Can anyone re-share The Matrix, please? It's been in my dl list for about 307 years and it's still only at about 9MB :( !
 26 hours ago marcus33:
Is there a problem with the Forum? My login won't work.
 27 hours ago Memor:
hello oh ok weird... thx
 27 hours ago dferstat:
All 3 listings for The Mandalorian s02e01 give episode title as "The Search". Onscreen title, however, is "The Marshal".
 27 hours ago dferstat:
US$50 sent via peepee
 43 hours ago ferrett:
sent AUD$10
 2 days ago essodude:
Come on one and all. Get the meter falling. $50AUD via evil one.
 3 days ago Che_Guevara:
Hi, meter updated, let's kill it off! Hope everyone is well
 4 days ago ravenone:
thanks @v8commodore :)
 4 days ago ravenone:
Does anyone have the West Wing Special from 2 weeks ago?
 4 days ago ravenone:
Does anyone have the West Wing Special from 2 weeks ago? I can’t get HBO Max in my country and really want to see it
 5 days ago silvershilling:
@sandrez: For some reason, the new eps were pushed back to next Sunday.
 6 days ago sandrez:
simspon & bob's burger this week?!
 6 days ago halkon:
please NYRKKI e09 and e10
 6 days ago marcus33:
@ v8commodore: Thank you, much appreciated.
 7 days ago v8commodore:
I have added S1 & 2 720p WEBRip to my shared folder of Life.
 7 days ago moulibeu:
And borat 2 guys, quite fun :)
 7 days ago moulibeu:
@chat noir tx aclot i found it, should i add it here? I remember it was a great one
 7 days ago marcus33:
Thanks v8commodore :) I did actually find it by going through the alphabetical listings, but thanks all the same. For some reason it doesn't show in the results if you use the search box.
 7 days ago v8commodore:
marcus33- https://tvunderg-
 8 days ago McVeyClan:
ohbozo: Airs Oct 30th
 8 days ago ohbozo:
Anyone seen Mandalorian season 2 yet ?
 8 days ago marcus33:
@ChatNoir: Where might one find Life (2007)?
 9 days ago ChatNoir:
@moulibeu: it is on share (mix of HDTV -S02- and 720p -S01- though)
 9 days ago raesha:
 9 days ago moulibeu:
Hi everybody does anyone has the serie life please from 2007 with the guy in homeland. Tx
 9 days ago raesha:
The Brokenwood Mysteries S4,5,6:perhaps has someone to reshare for Torrent? thanks so much in advance
 9 days ago McVeyClan:
Almost 2 weeks behind on Colbert late show
 10 days ago rpswanson:
Who Do You Think You Are UK Series 17 started last week on BBC. Can someone please download this as a torrent? Thank you!
 11 days ago antonovich:
Thanks @Memor!
 12 days ago Memor:
https://tvunderg- work
 12 days ago granchoupi:
Hello, anyone to save me with S3 of The Walking Dead please ?
 12 days ago Memor:
for acces at Helstrom page i used date 2020-10-17 01:24, i hope repaired soon... i can't
 12 days ago antonovich:
Is there any other way to get to the Helstrom page than from the link that doesn't work?
 12 days ago v8commodore:
Memor I think you will find it is the ' In the title of Marvel's Helstrom 1080p
 13 days ago carla202:
perche nn mi arriva l email x resettare la password dice che e stata con successo ma nn arriva
 13 days ago sflesch:
Hey all! FYI, It's the 1080p Helstrom that seems to be misplaced. It doesn't like to or from the main Helstrom page.
 15 days ago Memor:
hello v8commodore, i send a message at Che for this problem
 15 days ago v8commodore:
Sorry eveyone, but when I click on the Marvel's Helstrom link to add the other seasons the page is blank
 15 days ago raesha:
has someone "Grimm Webisodes: Bad Hair Day, Love is in the Air, Meltdown as Torrent? thanks so much to help
 15 days ago shorty:
Mik10: I'm seeing the files by date as normal ... no idea why you're not, sorry.
 15 days ago shorty:
Sent monthly tithe of $100USD to the church of TVU, Be well, Stay safe
 16 days ago Mik10:
Is there a problem with index page ? I can't see files added by date
 16 days ago skyinho:
Could someone reshare Burning Love pls ?
 17 days ago McVeyClan:
Have any of the season 7 Homestead rescues shown up anywhere yet?
 18 days ago Memor:
hello you can send MP at me
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