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January 2021 Donations

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 38 mins ago laza:
hi , does anyone have and can share 50 shades of fright , struggling to find both seasons . thanks
 5 hours ago v8commodore:
Just PM me on STF and I will add them to my shared folder for a week
 11 hours ago McVeyClan:
FesterBestertest- er:Plus I don't have the resorces to recompress anything to a smaller size and video output on my end so I don't DL much from STF anymore because almost everything is 1080 or oversize xvid anymore and buffers bad.
 11 hours ago McVeyClan:
FesterBestertest- er:I've been stuck with an older unupgradeable laptop for 2 yrs now and anything over 720p or 1GB buffers bad. + with MKV compression it helps to keep my TV shows around 300-500 MB when my HD's are allmost full
 11 hours ago FesterBestertester:
Thanks, v8commodore. Got 'em! :) Hopes for the rest @ 480p . . .
 11 hours ago raesha:
I know, it's a hudge ask: has someone Grace and Frankie all 6 S in German for Torren? would be so thankfull xxx
 24 hours ago v8commodore:
FesterBestertester 480p versions already in my shared folder
 29 hours ago RolandGB:
Thanks Memor
 29 hours ago FesterBestertester:
@v8commodore, Yes please! (ex-GTO V6 owner) :) Cheapo i3 here (hp p6-2175a), best download 15min/HDTV-ep.
 29 hours ago Memor:
hello yes good thx
 29 hours ago RolandGB:
Will the new episode of «Real Time with Bill Maher» be posted eventually?
 35 hours ago v8commodore:
If you want re-encodes of Unearthed just ask and I can do, doesn't take long on my computer
 35 hours ago PBeach:
This may sound weird, but are others unwilling to watch certain shows that are ignoring the current covid pandemic? Like The Good Doctor and similar shows? I guess I'll watch them after the pandemic, but for now it seems wrong.
 2 days ago FesterBestertester:
McVeyClan: AHA! So that's why! HDTV (480p) glitched with bigger screens more common, but even more so lately. 720p only for Unearthed 8x...:(
 2 days ago FesterBestertester:
2McVeyClan: AHA! So that's why! HRTVglitched with bigger screens and even more so lately.
 2 days ago McVeyClan:
Why is it getting hard to find standard size hdtv/web files? Seems rippers are catering toward bootleggers lately with oversize files for burning
 2 days ago shaay:
hi,i connected to a different servet and it's OK now, thanks to anyone how wanted to help :)
 3 days ago Memor:
hello backgam, good killer.siblings.- s01e09.720p.web.x264-flx reshare
 3 days ago backgam:
can anybody reshare killer siblings S1 eps 9
 3 days ago dumschitt:
@shaay I am already resharing Cheers DVD eng not sure why you are'nt seeing it. Any Suggestions?
 3 days ago serious2:
Thank you very much, Memor! Cheers!
 3 days ago Memor:
hello serious2, it's good i add season 1 and 2
 3 days ago Memor:
hello shaay, what season you want ?
 3 days ago serious2:
Does anyone have Undercover Billionaire Season 1 and 2, in English?
 3 days ago shaay:
hi, can somone please reshare Cheers (eng)?, thanks!
 4 days ago Snorri2018:
Does anyone have 438 dagar in Swedish ?
 5 days ago v8commodore:
Done no hassal to re-encode, they have "QIK5L" as a tag
 5 days ago cflapy:
Thank you so much, Memor!!
 5 days ago Memor:
hello cflapy it's good i add links thx
 5 days ago cflapy:
Does anyone have the remaining episodes for "Of Kings And Prophets", please?
 5 days ago McVeyClan:
Thanks V8 but only if you have time. Don't go out of your way for just me. Maybe I can budget some new hardware with my first stimulus check form the new Admin
 5 days ago v8commodore:
I can re-encode smaller and add to my shared folder if you want
 5 days ago McVeyClan:
V8 anything smaller available for Bitchin rides? 1GB aren't worth downloading when others are 300MB's
 6 days ago SirDarcy:
Thanks a lot Memor for season 2 of Wilder! I just realized that the original language isn't German but Swiss German. You wouldn't happen to have season 1 in Swiss German, would you?
 6 days ago shorty:
Sent $100 USD, thanks all, esp. Che
 7 days ago bamealor1976:
by no means complaining cause it was badass but 46x08 austin city limits is the foo fighters not the hall of fame
 8 days ago SirDarcy:
and the first episode of season 3! you are amazing Memor! Thank you!
 8 days ago Snorri2018:
does anyone have 13 Geboden in Flemish?
 8 days ago Snorri2018:
thank you indeed :))
 9 days ago SirDarcy:
Fantastic Menor! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the first season of Wilder in German!
 9 days ago SirDarcy:
I second Snorri2018! Wilder in German would be fantastic! Haven't been able to find it anywhere
 9 days ago Snorri2018:
does anyone have Wilder in German?
 9 days ago Memor:
deadhead, thx for Deutschland 83
 9 days ago v8commodore:
I can re encode it down if you want?
 9 days ago Snowball:
?What's a 1080P doing in a Webrip file section ?? 1080P is a wate of file space !! 1x16 of The UnXplained.
 9 days ago v8commodore:
The UnXplained 1x16 done
 10 days ago Memor:
deadhead, no release for Deutschland 86 english and subs english sorry
 10 days ago dollygu:
Thx so much Memor! I really appreciate it :-)
 10 days ago Memor:
no find The UnXplained 1x16, maybe V8 find thx
 10 days ago Memor:
FesterBestertester good i edit 2x09 it's 2x07 thx
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