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 44 hours ago POshyte:
thanks for F1 Russian GP. much appreciated
 3 days ago antonovich:
Thanks Memor!
 3 days ago dazeyjane:
Can anyone help with resharing Survivor season 13 (Cook Islands)? Thanx Heaps!
 3 days ago hrimthurs:
Hi. Does someone has City on a hill season 2 and Etheria season 03 webrip with Franch subtitles ?
 3 days ago silvershilling:
Thanks, v8commodore!
 4 days ago silvershilling:
Out of curiosity, is anyone getting "The Conners" this season?
 4 days ago Memor:
hello antonovich, i edit thx
 4 days ago UNOPARATOR:
HighPriest: do you have any seeds? ;)
 4 days ago v8commodore:
UNOPARATOR check your forum messages
 4 days ago antonovich:
https://tvunderg- has an incorrect link for episode 3x09. It should point to a Titans episode but instead points to a Doom Patrol episode
 4 days ago htaas:
will someone please re-share 'Are You Being Served' all 4 seasons plus specails, thank -you.
 4 days ago ukmoist1:
Has Star Wars Visions started appearing anywhere (apart from Disney+) yet?
 5 days ago UNOPARATOR:
v8commodore: I just switched to 0.50a (freshly downloaded from sourceforge as forwarded from the official page), still nothing :( I have High ID & also connected to KAD (status: Open) - just like the clients
 5 days ago UNOPARATOR:
v8commodore: I tried aMule both latest windows version & older version in docker also eMule Community Edition 0.60c, I'll try using 0.50a just in case
 5 days ago anthony196:
american horror story S10x06 vost fr is the 10x01
 5 days ago yom:
Memor - brilliant. thank you
 5 days ago v8commodore:
UNOPARATOR: are you using a mod or official eMule? All 3 episodes have not been downloaded from me. make sure you are connected to the above server
 5 days ago UNOPARATOR:
v8commodore: I'm only missing S01E13 now, stuck at ~90%
 5 days ago HighPriest:
UNOPARATOR: All seasons of "Web Therapy" are available at 'the Pirate"
 6 days ago Memor:
good for S3x01 Utopia, on server
 6 days ago UNOPARATOR:
I've been dying to complete Web Theraphy (2001), even posted on the forum, please help me :)
 6 days ago Memor:
oh ok i check this soon
 6 days ago yom:
Cheers again Memor. All done except 3.1 Thanks so much
 6 days ago Memor:
 6 days ago yom:
thanks once again memor. season 2 done. hdtv for 3 and 4?
 7 days ago Memor:
hello yom season DVD or HDTV/PDTV ?
 7 days ago yom:
if some lovely person could reshare Utopia (aus) series 2 + i'd be very grateful
 7 days ago shaay:
@dazeyjane, You're Welcome :-)
 7 days ago leeshia:
Could some-one please submit the torrent for the 1990 version of It
 7 days ago McVeyClan:
Has anyone come across season 21 of Grand Designs?
 7 days ago rosemartland:
Cancel that note on Sex Education; error on my end.\
 7 days ago rosemartland:
Sex Education s3 posted by Memor is actually s1.
 7 days ago dazeyjane:
Thanx shaay, finished getting all My So-Called Life.
 8 days ago Moondrop:
Looking for Weather Gone Viral S1 & S3
 8 days ago montignies:
Hi, could semone reshare Private Schulz please?
 8 days ago Memor:
hello GREEBO22, ok i add a new link, thx
 8 days ago fifilahonte:
Hello if somebody still have Survivors UK 2008 season 2 720P in english, I'll be very grateful
 8 days ago GREEBO22:
Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol Web rip wont play but the 720 & 1080 versions play ok
 9 days ago v8commodore:
UNOPARATOR: HDTV versions in my shared folder
 9 days ago UNOPARATOR:
Please reseed "How to Get Away with Murder" S01 E12,13,14,15, thanks in advance.
 9 days ago dazeyjane:
Thanx shaay, I'll stick with it :)
 9 days ago shaay:
@dazeyjane, my u/l speed is quite slow, but i re-shared it
 10 days ago ukmoist1:
Many thanks for Annika
 10 days ago dazeyjane:
Little help plz? Can anyone reshare My So-Called Life dvdrip? Thanx heaps!
 11 days ago stargard:
Hi, is there any chance we could get some more of The Hustler season 2?
 11 days ago Snorri2018:
thank you!
 12 days ago Memor:
yes i add a good link thx
 12 days ago Memor:
hello oh i check this
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Bear Grylls
Category: Live-Action
Grouping Description:
Edward Michael "Bear" Grylls (Born 7 June 1974) Is A Northern Irish Born British Adventurer, Writer And Television Presenter. He Is Widely Known For His Television Series Man Vs. Wild (2006–2011), Originally Titled Born Survivor: Bear Grylls In The United Kingdom. Grylls Is Also Involved In A Number Of Wilderness Survival Television Series In The UK And US. In July 2009, Grylls Was Appointed The Youngest-Ever Chief Scout In The UK At Age 35.

Simple View

Bear Grylls - Breaking Point
Link To Show Year TVU Rating Last Updated
Bear Grylls - Breaking Point 2015
2015-04-06 14:43
Show Description:
Survival Expert And Adventurer Bear Grylls Is Back In Action– But This Time, He Won’t Be Alone As He Takes People On A Personal Journey To Face Their Fears. In Each Episode Of ‘Bear Grylls: Breaking Point’, He’ll Be Joined By Two Ordinary People Who Have A Serious Phobia Or Personal Obstacle... [Read More]

Bear Grylls - Escape From Hell
Link To Show Year TVU Rating Last Updated
Bear Grylls - Escape From Hell 2013
2013-11-13 13:52
Show Description:
Bear Grylls Retells Incredible Survival Stories.... [Read More]

Bear Grylls - Escape To The Legion
Link To Show Year TVU Rating Last Updated
Bear Grylls - Escape To The Legion 2005
2012-01-10 17:20
Show Description:
Bear Grylls Filmed A Four-Part TV Show In 2005, Called "Escape To The Legion", Which Followed Grylls And Eleven Other "Recruits" As They Took Part In A Shortened Re-Creation Of The French Foreign Legion's Basic Desert Training In The Sahara.

The Show Was Broadcast In The UK On Channel 4, And In The... [Read More]

Bear Grylls - Extreme Survival Caught On Camera
Link To Show Year TVU Rating Last Updated
Bear Grylls - Extreme Survival Caught On Camera 2014
2014-05-03 18:23
Show Description:
In This Brand-new Series, Bear Grylls Presents Some Of The Most Jaw-dropping Footage Of Great Escapes And Near-death Experiences.... [Read More]

Bear Grylls - Mission Survive
Link To Show Year TVU Rating Last Updated
Bear Grylls - Mission Survive 2015
2016-04-09 11:47
Show Description:
Bear Grylls Stars In A New Six-Part Adrenalin-Fuelled Series For ITV In Which The Adventurer Takes Eight Celebrities Into The Depths Of One Of The Most Unforgiving Central American Rainforests, Where They Will Be Competing In An Epic 12-Day Survival Mission.

In Bear Grylls: Mission Survive The Celebrity... [Read More]

Bear Grylls Wild Weekends
Link To Show Year TVU Rating Last Updated
Bear Grylls Wild Weekends 2011
2013-12-28 00:04
Show Description:
Bear Grylls Takes Celebrities On Exhilarating Adventures Well Outside Their Comfort Zones... [Read More]

Britain's Biggest Adventures With Bear Grylls
Link To Show Year TVU Rating Last Updated
Britain's Biggest Adventures With Bear Grylls 2015
2015-12-03 16:54
Show Description:
In This Brand-new Three-part Series For ITV, Adventurer Bear Grylls Heads Out On An Epic Journey Of Discovery Across England, Scotland And Wales To Experience The British Isles At Their Most Spectacular. You Don't Always Have To Travel To The Ends Of The Earth To Experience Incredible Adventures And... [Read More]

Celebrity Island With Bear Grylls
Link To Show Year TVU Rating Last Updated
Celebrity Island With Bear Grylls 2016
2018-10-13 12:46
Show Description:
As Part Of This Year's Stand Up To Cancer Campaign, Bear Grylls Abandons 10 Celebrities On An Uninhabited Island In The Pacific. Alone And Marooned In Just Their Clothes And With A Handful Of Basic Tools, They Must Survive Entirely On Their Own.... [Read More]

Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls
Link To Show Year TVU Rating Last Updated
Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls 2013
2013-08-29 17:28
Show Description:
Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls Is An American Reality Competition Series Hosted By Adventurer And Survivalist Bear Grylls. The Eight-episode Series Premiered On NBC On July 8, 2013.

Ten Teams Of Two Compete To Survive In The Wild Of New Zealand With Bear Grylls As Their Guide. The Teams Will Perform... [Read More]

Hostile Planet
Link To Show Year TVU Rating Last Updated
Hostile Planet 2019
2019-05-07 09:19
Show Description:
HOSTILE PLANET Is A Ground-Breaking Wildlife Series That Explores Earth's Most Hostile Environments. Over The Course Of Six Episodes, We Explore The Extremes Of Deep, High, Cold, Hot, Wet And Dry And Reveal The Truly Extraordinary Ways In Which Animals Have Adapted To Survive In The Face Of Great Adversity.... [Read More]

The Island With Bear Grylls
Link To Show Year TVU Rating Last Updated
The Island With Bear Grylls 2014
2018-05-02 12:57
Show Description:
The Island With Bear Grylls Is A Reality Series Which Sees Castaways' Survival Skills Being Put To The Test. Bear Grylls Leaves Thirteen British Men On A Remote, Uninhabited Pacific Island For A Month Completely Alone With Only The Clothes They're Wearing And Some Basic Tools.... [Read More]

Man Vs. Wild
Link To Show Year TVU Rating Last Updated
Man Vs. Wild 2006
2012-02-09 17:04
Show Description:
Have You Ever Been Traveling And Gone For A Short Hike Only To Find Yourself Completely Lost? Host Bear Grylls Shares His Wealth Of Knowledge, Demonstrating Local Survival Techniques As He Strands Himself In Popular Tourist Destinations And Makes His Way Back To Civilization. His Years Of Adventuring... [Read More]

Running Wild With Bear Grylls
Link To Show Year TVU Rating Last Updated
Running Wild With Bear Grylls 2014
2021-05-13 12:27
Show Description:
Running Wild With Bear Grylls Is An Hour-Long Alternative Series, The Famed Adventurer, Writer And Television Host Will Take Eight Entertainment And Sports Stars Into The Most Remote And Pristine Locations In The U.S. And Around The World For A 48-Hour Journey Of A Lifetime.... [Read More]

Worst Case Scenario
Link To Show Year TVU Rating Last Updated
Worst Case Scenario 2010
2012-06-19 09:37
Show Description:
Imagine A Moment When The Unthinkable Happens. An Elevator Ride... A Drive To Work... A Walk In The Park... When Disaster Strikes. Most Crises Arise Close To Home, In Everyday Life. You Never Know When A Simple Task Could Turn Deadly. Knowing Exactly What To Do In These Situations Could Be The Difference... [Read More]

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