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 24 mins ago UNOPARATOR:
Please reseed "How to Get Away with Murder" S01 E12,13,14,15, thanks in advance.
 24 mins ago dazeyjane:
Thanx shaay, I'll stick with it :)
 4 hours ago shaay:
@dazeyjane, my u/l speed is quite slow, but i re-shared it
 12 hours ago ukmoist1:
Many thanks for Annika
 24 hours ago dazeyjane:
Little help plz? Can anyone reshare My So-Called Life dvdrip? Thanx heaps!
 30 hours ago stargard:
Hi, is there any chance we could get some more of The Hustler season 2?
 35 hours ago Snorri2018:
thank you!
 2 days ago Memor:
yes i add a good link thx
 2 days ago Memor:
hello oh i check this
 2 days ago Snorri2018:
isn't Robot Chicken S11E05 720p the same episode as S11E04? I'm confused.
 2 days ago BigEirlYtzi:
Any chance to get "Jamie Oliver's Together" from Channel 4 (UK) ?
 2 days ago Ter77:
And thanks to you too shorty, no Grantchester yet jack, vera added in 1080p.
 3 days ago shorty:
Sent $100 USD, thanks as always
 3 days ago compas:
hi is it possible to have Mighty Mike in french? thanks
 3 days ago jeanjaligot:
hi, does anyone have NY Unité Spéciale Law & Order Special Victims Unit S22 E10 French ? Thankx
 3 days ago Jack12345:
There is no Grantchester S06e02, and Vera S11E02
 3 days ago dumschitt:
Sent via PP $20Aud
 5 days ago Snorri2018:
hi, does anyone have Dark (2017) s02 & s03 in German with German subtitles?
 5 days ago GREEBO22:
Hi can anyone help?? im looking for Martial Law in English, only have links for French & German listed, Thanx
 5 days ago htaas:
 6 days ago v8commodore:
Raising Hope in my shared fokder too HDTV
 6 days ago Memor:
ok thx
 6 days ago anthony196:
godfather of harlem S2E02 VF: sound is shifted
 6 days ago dumschitt:
htaas Raising Hope HDTV permanently on share. Should be available
 7 days ago htaas:
Hi everyone, can someone please re-share the TV show Raising Hope. webrip or 720p i would be great. Thnak you in advance.
 7 days ago HighPriest:
Try eMule
 7 days ago amber888:
Been having no luck putting aMule on my iMac (62bit). Any ideas?
 8 days ago marcus33:
Ansatsu11: You'll need to install an ed2k client first (eMule for example) to download files.
 8 days ago POshyte:
hi all, thanks for Wentworth, ther's a mistake in the title of the 4th episode though, unless there is ment to be 2 copies of episode 3...
 8 days ago tekmiyu:
Hi! I have been searching for an old Spanish Serie called "Los Hombres de Paco"..any hope of someone having it and sharing it, please?
 8 days ago leeshia:
@Ter77: Thanx
 9 days ago Ansatsu11:
how can i download?
 9 days ago Ter77:
@leeshia : added
 9 days ago leeshia:
can some-one submit the torrent for Werewolves within in English
 10 days ago GREEBO22:
Thanks for Eps 5 & 6 of RFDS has episode 3 been posted anywhere yet??
 11 days ago rc2601:
It's easier to say what i have then what i need i have series and all episodes of 14&15 17,18,20,21,22 i know some series are incomplete and i can live with them
 11 days ago Memor:
for Ghost Adventures, you have need what season and episode thx
 11 days ago Memor:
hello rc2601, S01 The Osbournes Want To Believe are reshare
 11 days ago rc2601:
Hi again peeps i'm still in need of help with Ghost Adventures and also now after the osbournes want to believe season 1 all eps please
 11 days ago bigbelly:
thankyou v8
 12 days ago minerofmuzo:
Hello does anyone has Soko 5113 in french version ?
 12 days ago bigbelly:
hi v8 i think you posted last weeks 720 of animal kingdom again
 12 days ago Memor:
hello anthony196, thx i add a new link sd
 12 days ago Memor:
hello sflesch, ok thx i edit
 12 days ago anthony196:
godfather of harlem S2 VF: sound is shifted
 12 days ago v8commodore:
Dexter2078 Why don't you download the 720p HDTV version
 13 days ago sflesch:
I summitted a report btw.
 13 days ago sflesch:
So, troll hunters is not part of The Trolls movies, but it is part of the TrollHunters series.
 13 days ago Snorri2018:
Thank you Memor !!
 14 days ago Sheridan:
Memor, i submitted la casa de Papel in italina a few hors ago, still unverified :)
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Category: Animation/Other
Grouping Description:
The Huns, Who Are Led By The Ruthless Shan Yu, Invade Han China By Breaching The Great Wall. The Chinese Emperor Orders A General Mobilization, With Conscription Notices Requiring One Man From Each Family To Join The Chinese Army. When Fa Mulan Hears That Her Elderly Father Fa Zhou, The Only Man In Their Family And An Army Veteran, Is Going To War Once More, She Becomes Anxious And Apprehensive Due To His Weakening Health. Taking Her Father's Old Armor And Cutting Her Long Hair, She Disguises Herself As A Man So That She Can Enlist Instead Of Her Parent. The Family Quickly Learns Of Her Departure, And Mulan's Grandmother Prays To The Family Ancestors For Mulan's Safety. The Ancestors Order Their "Great Stone Dragon" To Protect Mulan. They Send The Small Dragon Mushu, A Disgraced Former Guardian, To Awaken The Stone Dragon, But He Accidentally Destroys It In The Process. Mushu Conceals This From The Ancestors And Resolves To Protect Mulan Himself.

Reporting To The Training Camp, Mulan Is Able To Pass As A Man, Although Her Military Skills Are Initially Lacking. Mushu Provides Clumsy Guidance To Mulan On How To Behave Like A Man Based On His Poor Judgement And Stereotypical Views. Under The Command Of Captain Li Shang, She And Her Fellow Recruits Yao, Ling, And Chien-Po Gradually Become Trained Warriors. Desiring To See Mulan Succeed, Mushu Creates A Fake Order From Shang's Father, General Li, Ordering Shang To Follow The Main Imperial Army Into The Mountains. The Reinforcements Set Out, But Arrive At A Burnt-Out Encampment And Discover That General Li And His Troops Have Been Massacred By The Huns.

As The Reinforcements Solemnly Leave The Mountains, They Are Ambushed By The Huns, But Mulan Cleverly Uses A Huolongchushui Cannon To Cause An Avalanche, Which Buries Most Of The Invaders. An Enraged Shan Yu Slashes Her In The Chest, And Her Deception Is Revealed When The Wound Is Bandaged. Instead Of Executing Mulan As The Law Requires, Shang Spares Her Life, But Nonetheless Expels Her From The Army. Mulan Is Left To Follow Alone As The Recruits Depart For The Imperial City To Report The News Of The Huns' Destruction. However, It Is Discovered That Several Hun Warriors, Including Shan Yu, Have Survived The Avalanche, And Mulan Catches Sight Of Them As They Make Their Way To The City, Intent On Capturing The Emperor.

At The Imperial City, Mulan Tries Convincing Shang About Shan Yu's Survival To No Avail. The Huns Capture The Emperor And Seize The Palace. With Mulan's Help, Yao, Ling, And Chien-Po Pose As Concubines, And Are Able To Enter The Palace. With The Help Of Shang, They Defeat Shan Yu's Men; As Shang Prevents Shan Yu From Assassinating The Emperor, Mulan Lures The Hun Leader Onto The Roof, Where She Engages Him In Single Combat. Meanwhile, Acting On Mulan's Instructions And Signal, Mushu Fires A Large Skyrocket At Shan Yu. The Rocket Strikes And Propels Him Into A Fireworks Launching Tower, Where He Dies In The Resulting Explosion.

Mulan Is Initially Reprimanded By The Emperor For Having Destroyed The Palace And Shamed The Army And Her Family, But Is Unexpectedly Praised By Himself And The Assembled Inhabitants Of The City For Having Saved Them, Who Bow To Her In An Unprecedented Honor. While She Accepts The Crest Of The Emperor And The Sword Of Shan Yu As Gifts, She Politely Declines His Offer To Be His Advisor, And Asks To Return To Her Family. Mulan Returns Home And Presents These Gifts To Her Father, Who Is Overjoyed To Have Mulan Back Safely. Having Become Enamored With Mulan, Shang Soon Arrives Under The Pretext Of Returning Her Helmet, But Accepts The Family's Invitation To Stay For Dinner. Mushu Is Reinstated As A Fa Family Guardian By The Ancestors Amid A Returning Celebration.

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Mulan (1998)
Link To Show Year TVU Rating Last Updated
Mulan (1998) 1998
2020-09-05 17:07
Show Description:
To Save Her Father From Death In The Army, A Young Maiden Secretly Goes In His Place And Becomes One Of China's Greatest Heroines In The Process.... [Read More]

Mulan (2020)
Link To Show Year TVU Rating Last Updated
Mulan (2020) 2020
2020-11-02 16:08
Show Description:
A Young Chinese Maiden Disguises Herself As A Male Warrior In Order To Save Her Father.... [Read More]

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