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August 2021 Donations

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 4 hours ago dollygu:
Hi, does anyone have the new Netflix Series Sex/Life in English? Thx ;-)
 4 hours ago stoatwblr:
Beachbum: the HDTV versions have been on cintinuous reshare here since release
 4 hours ago ukmoist1:
Many thanks :)
 13 hours ago BeachBum99:
How do I get a reshareon seasons 1-5 of When Calls the Heart? Thanks.
 16 hours ago Eloise1973:
TyDurden, Many thanks, I had seen them in an emule search but with very few sources. Was asking on here on the off chance.
 16 hours ago Eloise1973:
v8commodore, many thanks for posting my requested ConMan links, much appreciated.
 40 hours ago POshyte:
hi tydurden, both twilight zone (1985) & Barney miller i have on permanent share, i'm currently suffering from windows 10 induced low i.d. but they are shared
 40 hours ago ukmoist1:
Looking for: 'Zathura, A Space Adventure (2005)' and 'Jumanji, The Next Level' on SD, preferably. Many Thanks.
 2 days ago TyDurden:
request: Twilight Zone (all seasons) and Barney Miller
 2 days ago TyDurden:
Eloise: Re: Conman s2e9-10 when i search in emule for conman, those two eps do show up... no idea if they are actually actively available yet.
 3 days ago djstocko:
€ 50 keep it up
 3 days ago Eloise1973:
@Simonsaid https://tvunderg- Just use the "Browse Shows" at the top of the page and use the A to Z index, or type the show name in the "find it" search box.
 3 days ago Eloise1973:
@Simonsaid https://tvunderg-
 3 days ago Eloise1973:
I don't usually do requests, but does anyone have the two missing episodes of ConMan? series 2 ep 09 and 10 please
 3 days ago Simonsaid:
After complete series of No Offence and Goodnight Sweetheart. New to this, cheers
 3 days ago DreamOfSpring:
Sent GBP 10.00 with thanks
 4 days ago dollygu:
Sent USD 10 via Paypal. Wish I could send more :-)
 4 days ago Kellygfr2014:
sent $25.00 thank you.
 4 days ago htaas:
Thank you ORBS and ION10 for the Batman, The Long Halloween
 4 days ago osteoval973:
50€ sent sorry for the delay couldn't get through my pp account
 4 days ago Oneil29:
Oneil29 send 20€
 4 days ago htaas:
Does anyone have Batman, The Long Halloween parts 1 &2 in english
 4 days ago Happy2share:
Sent $10. Thanks!
 4 days ago mickrobe:
Sent 50$US evil way
 4 days ago tacotuesdays66:
$50 sent
 4 days ago verukins:
sent $30
 4 days ago Sheridan:
sent money. Thank you
 4 days ago vimes51:
10$ all i can do now, Thanks
 5 days ago syl:
sent 15 euros merci thanks( syl)
 5 days ago Kellygfr2014:
sent $25.00 thank you.
 5 days ago IsaacV2:
50$, hope it helps
 5 days ago tanjian01:
£40 on its way. Great job guys!
 5 days ago uk00121:
sent what i could. love this site.
 5 days ago Crapoulos:
 5 days ago leledoct:
Unemployed thanks to covid right now. :( I'll give as soon as I can... Thanks you're still here
 5 days ago quicksilver04:
Sent $10, hope it works.
 5 days ago jackbarten76:
did my bit
 5 days ago Guigui107:
20 €
 5 days ago leeshia:
Done Thanx
 5 days ago dumschitt:
Sent via PP $20Aud
 6 days ago distance:
 6 days ago 30denari:
50€ on the go!
 6 days ago Kellygfr2014:
Sent $25.00 thanks very much.
 6 days ago Eloise1973:
$20.00 Sent, sorry it's not more. Thanks for all that you all do. Stay safe, Elle
 6 days ago samsaraindy:
send 15 euros
 6 days ago v8commodore:
Templar I have added the ION10 WEBRip versions to my shared folder, so you will have to do a manual search for them
 7 days ago Che_Guevara:
Hey everyone, haven't had time after IRL to control things here last few moths, so we ended up very much behind on donations since May. Let's get it going!
 8 days ago tvu13:
Templar what I have is now being shared
 8 days ago Templar:
Can Anyone reshare season 1 of Bitchn' rides?
 8 days ago v8commodore:
Boston Legal S05 HDTV added to my shared folder
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2021-07-02 15:32 english The Late Show With Stephen Colbert - Season 7 (WEBRip/720p.WEBRip)
2021-07-02 15:29 english Outback Truckers - Season 9 (720p.HDTV)
2021-07-02 15:28 english Mysteries Of The Abandoned - Season 8 (720p.WEBRip)
2021-07-02 15:26 english Hitler's Gold (720p.WEBRip)
2021-07-02 15:24 english Mountain Men - Season 10 (WEBRip/720p.WEBRip)
2021-07-02 15:23 english Making It - Season 3 (720p.WEBRip/WEBRip)
2021-07-02 15:21 english Family Karma - Season 2 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 15:09 english Christina On The Coast - Season 4 (720p.WEBRip)
2021-07-02 15:09 english Beat Shazam - Season 4 (WEBRip/720p.WEBRip)
2021-07-02 15:07 english Alone - Season 8 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 15:05 english Crank Yankers - Season 6 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 15:04 english Star Wars, The Bad Batch - Season 1 (720p.WEBRip)
2021-07-02 15:03 english Star Wars, The Bad Batch - Season 1 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 15:01 english Central Park - Season 2 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 15:00 english Sistas - Season 3 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 14:59 english High School Musical, The Musical - The Series - Season 2 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 14:58 english Starstruck (2021) - Season 1 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 14:57 english The Mysterious Benedict Society - Season 1 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 14:41 english french
Dynasty (2017) - Season 4 (HDTV/WEBRip)
2021-07-02 14:40 english french
DC's Legends Of Tomorrow - Season 6 (720p.HDTV/720p.WEBRip)
2021-07-02 14:35 english french
DC's Legends Of Tomorrow - Season 6 (HDTV/WEBRip)
2021-07-02 14:35 english french
Starstruck (2021) - Season 1 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 14:32 english french
Woke - Season 1 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 14:31 english french
Big Sky - Season 1 (HDTV/WEBRip)
2021-07-02 14:24 french Trying (2020) - Season 2 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 14:22 french The Gloaming - Season 1 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 14:22 french The Gloaming - Season 1 (720p.WEBRip)
2021-07-02 14:17 english-italian english-italian
Big Sky - Season 1 (1080p.WEBRip)
2021-07-02 14:17 english-italian english-italian
Star Wars, The Bad Batch - Season 1 (1080p.WEBRip)
2021-07-02 14:15 english-italian english-italian
The Handmaid's Tale - Season 4 (1080p.WEBRip)
2021-07-02 14:13 japanese french
SD Gundam World Heroes (720p.WEBRip/WEBRip)
2021-07-02 14:11 italian Ghost Adventures - Season 11 (720p.WEBRip)
2021-07-02 14:10 french Star Wars, The Bad Batch - Season 1 (720p.WEBRip)
2021-07-02 14:09 french Home Before Dark - Season 2 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 14:09 french Home Before Dark - Season 2 (720p.WEBRip)
2021-07-02 12:27 french Lisey's Story - Season 1 (720p.WEBRip)
2021-07-02 12:26 french Lisey's Story - Season 1 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 11:52 french Love, Victor - Season 2 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 11:49 french Physical - Season 1 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 11:48 french High School Musical, The Musical - The Series - Season 2 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 11:47 french Central Park - Season 2 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 11:47 french Candice Renoir - Season 9 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 11:44 french Big Sky - Season 1 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 10:48 french Big Sky - Season 1 (720p.WEBRip)
2021-07-02 10:47 french The Rookie (2018) - Season 3 (720p.HDTV)
2021-07-02 08:24 english Good Girls - Season 4 (WEBRip/HDTV)
2021-07-02 08:22 english Good Girls - Season 4 (720p.HDTV/720p.WEBRip)
2021-07-02 06:44 english Home Before Dark - Season 2 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 06:43 english Home Before Dark - Season 2 (720p.WEBRip)
2021-07-02 06:40 english Lisey's Story - Season 1 (WEBRip)
2021-07-02 06:36 english Lisey's Story - Season 1 (720p.WEBRip)
2021-07-02 06:33 english Physical - Season 1 (720p.WEBRip)

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9th January 2020
Seems like the twitter guy doesn't give up and last night published some mindblowing (as he thinks) details about his accusations.

While it is nice that 20 years into the existance of the ed2k network, this guy found out about it and (oh shock) it turned out some bad people use it to share bad stuff, it is a shame he did not bother to comprehend the workings of P2P and ed2k specifically.

I am sure the actual guy spreading this stuff won't bother to read this, yet I'd like to make a statement to any possible new visitors. I will try to make it as clear as possible.

TV Underground, it's owner (me), it's staff DO NOT host, download, view, spread, facilitate in getting child pornography. Not now. Not ever. TV Underground has been existing for 14 (!) years now and never once before anyone accused us of such horrible things.

Now regarding the ed2k server. Is it possible for some rogue people to connect and make such stuff available to others? Yes, it is. Does it mean that TV Underground or it's staff somehow responsible for it or encourage it? Absolutely not. Can we control what other people chose to make available to the ed2k network? No. Can anyone else? No. If we take down our ed2k server, does it have an effect on these people? No. If all ed2k servers aare taken down, does that? No (google KAD).

All this is publically available information. There are numerous articles on the working of various P2P networks, ed2k included. But, sadly, the person makes no intent to research the actual truth.

Now a bit of honesty. I am actually considering closing the site, because this is simply not worth it. I've invested huge ammounts of time into this site during the past 14 years. I make pretty much no financial gains from operating it. It is all so you, the visitors, the users, can watch TV shows in whatever part of the world you might be. And in return for all this, at the end I am being called nothing less then an operator of a child pornography ring by some idiot. But this idiot collects hundreeds of likes, people are actually calling to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. Is it all worth it? I am starting to think no. Killing this baby that I've been with almost half of my life will be a great tragedy, but can I risk my own wellbeing and freedom (not only my own, I have a family)? Not really. So if this campaign does not stop, I am afraid it will be an end to all.

7th January 2020


It seems someone for some reason has started a smear campaign against TV Underground in twitter. Some random anonymous accounts are claiming TVU distributes child pornography. This is a VERY serious claim and of course untrue. These people provide absolutely no proof tho their claims. Nevertheless, in current times, it seems proofs of such claims are not required and people blindly follow some anonymous guy's claim. This has already caused DDoS attacks and DNS provider dumping us. Again for no obvious true reasons.

What you can do to protect your number one TV website?

Visit the following tweet:

Report it to twitter for spreading false information and answer to all the bots, that they are full of crap!

10th January 2018
Jee, almost 7 years since last published news post here. I bet everyone forgot this section even exists eh?

Anyway, I'll keep it short. We had a bug tracker in the forum back in the days, but sadly it got lost over time, though it had some good ideas in it.
So, now I made a new one, so you guys can file your annoyances and brilliant ideas in there. So if there's something that has bugged you for ages or there's a function that you'd reaaaally want to see, don't be shy, file away. I promise I won't laugh even at the craziest of ideas :)
You do not have to register a new account, you can file your bugs/suggestions as guest. But you could register your own acc too, to track your tickets. Entirely up to you. The interface might seem complex, but only fill the few required fields.
Have a great day, waiting for your feedback. Link is in the menu, I have highlighted it red for you.

10th July 2011

That's Right Boys And Girls, TVU Is In Need Of Additional Verifiers.

Things To Ask Yourself Before Asking Me:
1: Have I Submitted Enough To The Mainpage That I Feel Comfortable Enough To Be Trained On This System With Little Prompting?
2: Am I Willing To Take The Extra Effort To Find Missing Data And Insert Missing Pictures?
3: Am I Informed Enough To Help N00bs Solve Related Problems?
4: Am I A Fast Learner?
5: Do I Have An Eye For Details?
6: Can I Communicate Easily With My Fellow Staffers/superiors?
7: Will I Stay On IRC As Much As I Can?

If You Answered Yes To These Questions, Then We Want You. Please, Reply To THIS THREAD, Telling You A Bit About Yourself So We Can Begin The Process Of Making You Part Of The Team.

sL, Che, DP, ALEX, And Team

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