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August 2021 Donations

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 33 mins ago wagbvi2:
How do I get a reshareon seasons 2-3 A Place To Call Home? Thanks? Thanks.
 33 mins ago dollygu:
Thank You Memor :-)
 13 hours ago dollygu:
Hi, does anyone have the new Netflix Series Sex/Life in English? Thx ;-)
 13 hours ago stoatwblr:
Beachbum: the HDTV versions have been on cintinuous reshare here since release
 13 hours ago ukmoist1:
Many thanks :)
 21 hours ago BeachBum99:
How do I get a reshareon seasons 1-5 of When Calls the Heart? Thanks.
 24 hours ago Eloise1973:
TyDurden, Many thanks, I had seen them in an emule search but with very few sources. Was asking on here on the off chance.
 24 hours ago Eloise1973:
v8commodore, many thanks for posting my requested ConMan links, much appreciated.
 2 days ago POshyte:
hi tydurden, both twilight zone (1985) & Barney miller i have on permanent share, i'm currently suffering from windows 10 induced low i.d. but they are shared
 2 days ago ukmoist1:
Looking for: 'Zathura, A Space Adventure (2005)' and 'Jumanji, The Next Level' on SD, preferably. Many Thanks.
 2 days ago TyDurden:
request: Twilight Zone (all seasons) and Barney Miller
 2 days ago TyDurden:
Eloise: Re: Conman s2e9-10 when i search in emule for conman, those two eps do show up... no idea if they are actually actively available yet.
 3 days ago djstocko:
€ 50 keep it up
 3 days ago Eloise1973:
@Simonsaid https://tvunderg- Just use the "Browse Shows" at the top of the page and use the A to Z index, or type the show name in the "find it" search box.
 3 days ago Eloise1973:
@Simonsaid https://tvunderg-
 3 days ago Eloise1973:
I don't usually do requests, but does anyone have the two missing episodes of ConMan? series 2 ep 09 and 10 please
 3 days ago Simonsaid:
After complete series of No Offence and Goodnight Sweetheart. New to this, cheers
 3 days ago DreamOfSpring:
Sent GBP 10.00 with thanks
 4 days ago dollygu:
Sent USD 10 via Paypal. Wish I could send more :-)
 4 days ago Kellygfr2014:
sent $25.00 thank you.
 4 days ago htaas:
Thank you ORBS and ION10 for the Batman, The Long Halloween
 4 days ago osteoval973:
50€ sent sorry for the delay couldn't get through my pp account
 4 days ago Oneil29:
Oneil29 send 20€
 4 days ago htaas:
Does anyone have Batman, The Long Halloween parts 1 &2 in english
 4 days ago Happy2share:
Sent $10. Thanks!
 4 days ago mickrobe:
Sent 50$US evil way
 5 days ago tacotuesdays66:
$50 sent
 5 days ago verukins:
sent $30
 5 days ago Sheridan:
sent money. Thank you
 5 days ago vimes51:
10$ all i can do now, Thanks
 5 days ago syl:
sent 15 euros merci thanks( syl)
 5 days ago Kellygfr2014:
sent $25.00 thank you.
 5 days ago IsaacV2:
50$, hope it helps
 5 days ago tanjian01:
£40 on its way. Great job guys!
 5 days ago uk00121:
sent what i could. love this site.
 5 days ago Crapoulos:
 6 days ago leledoct:
Unemployed thanks to covid right now. :( I'll give as soon as I can... Thanks you're still here
 6 days ago quicksilver04:
Sent $10, hope it works.
 6 days ago jackbarten76:
did my bit
 6 days ago Guigui107:
20 €
 6 days ago leeshia:
Done Thanx
 6 days ago dumschitt:
Sent via PP $20Aud
 6 days ago distance:
 6 days ago 30denari:
50€ on the go!
 6 days ago Kellygfr2014:
Sent $25.00 thanks very much.
 7 days ago Eloise1973:
$20.00 Sent, sorry it's not more. Thanks for all that you all do. Stay safe, Elle
 7 days ago samsaraindy:
send 15 euros
 7 days ago v8commodore:
Templar I have added the ION10 WEBRip versions to my shared folder, so you will have to do a manual search for them
 7 days ago Che_Guevara:
Hey everyone, haven't had time after IRL to control things here last few moths, so we ended up very much behind on donations since May. Let's get it going!
 8 days ago tvu13:
Templar what I have is now being shared
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News Archive

Date News
2020-01-09 14:27Seems like the twitter guy doesn't give up and last night published some mindblowing (as he thinks) details about his accusations.

While it is nice that 20 years into the existance of the ed2k network, this guy found out about it and (oh shock) it turned out some bad people use it to share bad stuff, it is a shame he did not bother to comprehend the workings of P2P and ed2k specifically.

I am sure the actual guy spreading this stuff won't bother to read this, yet I'd like to make a statement to any possible new visitors. I will try to make it as clear as possible.

TV Underground, it's owner (me), it's staff DO NOT host, download, view, spread, facilitate in getting child pornography. Not now. Not ever. TV Underground has been existing for 14 (!) years now and never once before anyone accused us of such horrible things.

Now regarding the ed2k server. Is it possible for some rogue people to connect and make such stuff available to others? Yes, it is. Does it mean that TV Underground or it's staff somehow responsible for it or encourage it? Absolutely not. Can we control what other people chose to make available to the ed2k network? No. Can anyone else? No. If we take down our ed2k server, does it have an effect on these people? No. If all ed2k servers aare taken down, does that? No (google KAD).

All this is publically available information. There are numerous articles on the working of various P2P networks, ed2k included. But, sadly, the person makes no intent to research the actual truth.

Now a bit of honesty. I am actually considering closing the site, because this is simply not worth it. I've invested huge ammounts of time into this site during the past 14 years. I make pretty much no financial gains from operating it. It is all so you, the visitors, the users, can watch TV shows in whatever part of the world you might be. And in return for all this, at the end I am being called nothing less then an operator of a child pornography ring by some idiot. But this idiot collects hundreeds of likes, people are actually calling to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. Is it all worth it? I am starting to think no. Killing this baby that I've been with almost half of my life will be a great tragedy, but can I risk my own wellbeing and freedom (not only my own, I have a family)? Not really. So if this campaign does not stop, I am afraid it will be an end to all.

2020-01-07 12:25IMPORTANT!


It seems someone for some reason has started a smear campaign against TV Underground in twitter. Some random anonymous accounts are claiming TVU distributes child pornography. This is a VERY serious claim and of course untrue. These people provide absolutely no proof tho their claims. Nevertheless, in current times, it seems proofs of such claims are not required and people blindly follow some anonymous guy's claim. This has already caused DDoS attacks and DNS provider dumping us. Again for no obvious true reasons.

What you can do to protect your number one TV website?

Visit the following tweet:

Report it to twitter for spreading false information and answer to all the bots, that they are full of crap!

2018-01-10 22:32Jee, almost 7 years since last published news post here. I bet everyone forgot this section even exists eh?

Anyway, I'll keep it short. We had a bug tracker in the forum back in the days, but sadly it got lost over time, though it had some good ideas in it.
So, now I made a new one, so you guys can file your annoyances and brilliant ideas in there. So if there's something that has bugged you for ages or there's a function that you'd reaaaally want to see, don't be shy, file away. I promise I won't laugh even at the craziest of ideas :)
You do not have to register a new account, you can file your bugs/suggestions as guest. But you could register your own acc too, to track your tickets. Entirely up to you. The interface might seem complex, but only fill the few required fields.
Have a great day, waiting for your feedback. Link is in the menu, I have highlighted it red for you.

2011-07-10 18:11TVU NEEDS YOU!

That's Right Boys And Girls, TVU Is In Need Of Additional Verifiers.

Things To Ask Yourself Before Asking Me:
1: Have I Submitted Enough To The Mainpage That I Feel Comfortable Enough To Be Trained On This System With Little Prompting?
2: Am I Willing To Take The Extra Effort To Find Missing Data And Insert Missing Pictures?
3: Am I Informed Enough To Help N00bs Solve Related Problems?
4: Am I A Fast Learner?
5: Do I Have An Eye For Details?
6: Can I Communicate Easily With My Fellow Staffers/superiors?
7: Will I Stay On IRC As Much As I Can?

If You Answered Yes To These Questions, Then We Want You. Please, Reply To THIS THREAD, Telling You A Bit About Yourself So We Can Begin The Process Of Making You Part Of The Team.

sL, Che, DP, ALEX, And Team

2010-07-14 09:24Donations Needed

We At TVU Would Like To Take This Opportunity To Remind All Of Our Users That Without Donations TVU Will Be Unable To Offer Our Services While Remaining Ad Free. Donations Are Used To Pay For Both Servers (Site & ED2K), Maintain Domains, As Well Misc. Administrative Costs That Are Occasionally Associated To Running A Project Of This Size.

Thanks For Your Continued Support,

sL, Che, DP, ALEX And Staff

P.S. I (Che) Wanted To Add A Few Words. Yes, I Know It's Summer And Most Of Your Favorite Shows Are On A Break. But That Doesn't Make Our Bills Any Smaller And The Time I (and Other Staff) Put In Any Less. I Know About The Global Economic Situation Too, Hard Times For Everyone. But There's Thousands Of People Who Visit This Page A Day. And If Everyone Donated A Bit, We Wouldn't Have This Problem. I Am In A Hard Place Right Now Too, So I Can Tell You Now, I Am Not Able To Pay For This Project Out Of My Own Pocket (neither Do I Feel I Have To, With All The Time I Spend). So If This Problem Persists, I Will Be Looking Into Alternative Ways To Solve It. This May Include Ads Coming Back, Ed2k Server Going And Other Things I Would Really Hate To Do. So Please Think About What TVU Is For You...


EDIT 15/07/10

Wow, All Done In One Day! You Guys Are Awesome. Thanks A Lot Everyone, It's Great To Be Reminded We Have Such A Great Community Backing Us. We Hope To Keep Bringing You Your Latest TV As Always And Hopefully Some Great New Features Soon As Well :D Thanks Again Everyone!

2010-04-16 12:59Introducing TV Underground No2 Ed2k Server

Today We Announce Another Contribution To The Ed2k Network - Our Second Ed2k Server.

We Would Like To Thank A Certain Person Who Wants To Remain Anonymous For Entirely Sponsoring This New Server.

At TV Underground We Take Pride At Running The Only Ed2k Servers Out There, Who's Owners And Intentions Are Known, And Thus Can Be Fully Trusted.

NOTE: As With Our First Server, It Seems That The New IP Is On Some Ipfilters. Please See this Forum Thread For Instructions To Rectify This Problem:

The Address Of The New Ed2k Server Is:


2010-04-09 17:29Hiring One French Forum Moderator

Basic Job Requirements:
1. Moderating And Cleaning (Archiving) French Forums. (Knowing, Understanding, Respecting And Enforcing Forum Rules.)
2. Patience & Thick Skin, The Fr Forums Can Get Rough.
3. Good Communication Skills (Decent French Writing & Enough English Skills To Communicate With Administration.)
4. Time And Availability During Peak Fr Usage.
5. Willingness To Communicate, Work, And Compromise With Other Staff Members Regarding Decisions To Be Made About Members And Forum Guidelines.

Click Here To Apply

2010-03-31 19:23Rebranding

As You Have Noticed We Are Changing The Name And Style Of Our Project. Our Recent Marketing Surveys Have Shown That 8 Of 10 Consumers Prefer More Uplifting Color Schemes Such As Pink And Purple. Also Our Research Has Shown That People Prefer Project Names That Rhyme. So We Have Come To The Conclusion To Change The Project's Name To Princess Pink's Palace Of Links As Well As Change Our Color Scheme To A More User Friendly Pink And Purple. You Will Also Notice Subtle Changes To Site Images Such As Ratings And New Icons. Within The Next Week Expect The Forum And Domains To Change To Match Our New Style.

We Did This To Please Our Users, If You Wish To Praise Us Or Comment In General Please Use THIS Thread To Do So.

You Dedicated Staff,
sL, Che, DP, ALEX, And Staff

2010-03-08 20:56A Bit Of Everything

First, We'd Like To Announce A Bit Of Planned Downtime. On The 26th Of March 22:00 To 05:00 EET (GMT+2) March 27th Both Of The Servers Will Be Moved To A Different Data-center. So Don't Panic, We Will Be Back.

Second, I (sLAUGHTER) Would Like To Announce The Return Of Myself To A More Active Administrative Role Here On TVU.

Third, I Would Like To Take This Opportunity To Remind All Of Our Users That Without Donations TVU Will Be Unable To Offer Our Services While Remaining Ad Free. Donations Are Used To Pay For Both Servers (Site & ED2K), Maintain Domains, As Well Misc. Administrative Costs That Are Occasionally Associated To Running A Project Of This Size.

Thanks For Your Continued Support,
sL, Che, DP, ALEX And Staff

2010-02-24 12:28Please Welcome Aboard Our New Staff Member Bichy! I Am Sure Most Of The French Audience Will Know Her For Her Great Submissions And Her Awesome Helpfulness On The Forums. We Are Proud To Have Her As An Addition To Our Verifying Team.

- Che, sL, DP, ALEX And Others

2010-01-17 16:42RSS Feeds For Torrents Are Now Finally Available. Please See Under Navigation For The Link. Per Show/season RSS Torrent Feeds Will Be Available Within The Next Few Days.

2010-01-15 13:33Two Quick Updates For Ya'll
First Of All We Now Have A Twitter Account. So Feel Free To Follow: Http:// . All The Latest Updates Are Now Auto-imported.

Also You May Have Noticed That As We Get More Torrents, Some Seasons Take Very Long Time To Load Ocassionally. I Have Redone The Way Torrent Status Is Updated, So This Should No Longer Be A Problem

- Che

2009-12-30 23:11Happy New Years
Everyone Here At TVU Would Like To Wish All Of Our Users A Safe And Happy New Year.

Submit New Seasons With Just Torrents
We Have Finally Got Around To Adding The Ability To Submit Seasons With Only Torrents. Within Shows You Will Now See "Submit New Season (Torrent) ". Please Only Use This When There Is Not An Appropriate Preexisting Season That Applies To The Torrent You Wish To Submit.

Thanks For You Continued Support Year After Year,
sL, Che, DP, ALEX, & Staff

2009-10-22 22:10TVU TURNS FOUR!

For Four Years Now We Have Been Here Doing Our Best To Provide Everyone With A Reliable Service, And For Four Years You Wonderful People Have Helped Us Pay The Bills, And Keep Us Full Of New Links.

This Year Has Been A Crazy One. Here Are Some Highlights: Che Went Missing For 3 Months, We Had A Bit Of Drama With A Release Team, We Lost Servers, We Got New Servers, We Hired Some New Staff, We Lost Some Old Staff, We Had Money Embezzled From Us, TVU Went Ad-Free... And Probably Some Other Random Events That Nobody Can Remember Just Now.

For The Last Year, We've Also Added New Features/Fixes: VIP User-Class, Site Languages, Ripper Name Cleanup (Started), Season Comments Listed On Mainpage, Denial System Stage One (denied Due To Lack Of Sources), Last Edit Time Available To Public (Green E's), Browse By Date, And Many Other Minor Fixes/Adjustments.

Now, To Celebrate TVU's Fourth Birthday, Some Brand New Features Are Being Released:
1. Torrent Indexing (Currently For Existing Seasons Only)
2. Whisperbox Scroll (Yes, We Finally Gave It To You)
3. Genre Search (Using This, You Will Be Able To Locate Shows Tagged With Your Favorite Genres. Found In The Navigation Menu)
4. An Icon Key (So You Will Understand What All The Little Icons Mean)
5. Social Bookmarking (This Allows Users To Tag Shows And Seasons More Easily In Their Preferred Social Bookmarking Service)
6. Mainpage PM Notification (When You Are Logged In, You Will See "New Message" In Red If You Have A New PM In The Menu Bar)
7. Tabs Added To The Mainpage
8. Top News And Latest Posts Area Is Now Gone
9. Brand New Forum Look And Functionality

The Biggest One Of These Is Definitely The First One - Torrent Indexing. Here At TV Underground We Are On A Mission To Spread TV Episodes From Around The World To Around The World. We Love Ed2k, But We Also Want To Embrace Other Distribution Methods. This Is The Beginning, So The Functionality Is A Bit Limited At The Moment, But It Will Expand As Time Goes. Feel Free To Make Suggestions In The Forum Section, Mentioned In The Last Paragraph. If You Really Hate Torrents For One Reason Or The Other, You Need Not Worry. We Strongly Encourage As Much Participation In Getting Quality Torrents Posted. All The Torrent Features May Be Disabled Via A New Profile Option. Click Here To Find Out More About The Torrent Feature.

We Tried Hard To Get You Some Birthday Gifts And We Hope You Enjoy What We Picked Out. If You Find Any Bugs Please Report Them HERE. That Section Is Now Open For Those Who Don't Have A Forum Account As Well. Any Comments Can Be Posted HERE

Thanks For Another Year Of Your Loyalty To This Project,
sL, Che, DP, ALEX And Staff

2009-10-22 16:46Expected Downtime

Hi Everyone. There Will Be Some Downtime Later On Today (in A Few Hours). Depending On How Things Go, It Shouldn't Be Longer Then An Hour. Don't Get Scared, We Will Be Back, Better Then Ever :) At This Time Our IRC Channel Will Still Be Open And The Forums As Well. So You Can Follow The Latest News There.


2009-10-07 23:41Browse By Date Is Here At Last!!

That's Right We Finally Got Around To Finishing This Feature. You Can Find The Dates Just Above And Below Latest Updates.

Also We Have Have Included A Flag-Based Interface So Non-Members Can Set Site Language For TVU. The Location Of This Interface Is Likely To Change And We Are Likely To Add An Interface For Members To Easily Change Their Site Language In The Same New Location. Currently Members Can Change Their Site Language In Their Profiles.

This Is An Exciting Time For TVU, So Keep Your Eyes Peeled For New Features And Updates,
sL, Che, DP, & Staff

We Have Re-Enabled The Profile Options To Allow Users To Decide Their Default Update List Format.

2009-09-30 00:27eDonkey Server Is Back

Oh Yes, It's Back, It's Bad And It's Ready For You To Use!

So Grab Your Clients And Point Them To Or Just Click HERE.

This Server Is A Real Lovely, Quad Core, 8 GB Of RAM And A 100 Mbit Pipe, So I Hope You Guys Enjoy This New Badboy :)

I'd Say Currently It's In Testing Mode, But Everything Should Work Just Fine. Post All Your Comments And Suggestions In The Forums

It Has Come To Our Attention That Some Users Are Having LowID Issues With The New Server. Please Read THIS FORUM THREAD.

Che, sL, DP, & Staff

2009-09-15 19:08Here I Am

Yes, It's Really Me. I Even Had To Answer A Series Of Questions And Prove It To sLAUGHTER (As If Unlocking The PayPal Account Wasn't Enough).

Many Have Wondered, Guessed, And In General Made Asses Out Of Themselves Trying To Figure Out Where Exactly I Was. Well I Was About 31.4 Miles From Where I Was Living When This All Started. I Got Arrested And Spent Some Time In Jail. I'm Now Out And Back In Mother Russia.

About The Missing Money: I Am Currently Pursuing Reimbursement For The Lost TVU Funds And I'll Even Go So Far As To Apologize For Leaving It In The Hands Of A Broke Friend. As Far As I Knew, Noone Else Had A Way To Access The Account And Pay TVU Costs. And My Friend Did Pay A Few Bills Before sL And DP Did The Takeover. Just Goes To Show, Never Underestimate The Team At TVU. We May Be An Ecclectic, Rag-Tag Unit, But We Will Always Come Through.

That Leads Me To My Next Point. This Whole Ordeal Has Shown Everyone Involved That A Project Like TVU Must Have A Multi-access Infrastructure, So No Matter Who Disappears The Others Can Keep TVU Moving Forward.

I Also Would Like To Take This Time To Apologize To My Fellow Team. I'm Sorry Guys, I Should Of Had The Person Left To Deal With Stuff Tell You, But I Felt I Really Needed To Tell You Myself, Which I Did As Soon As I Got Some Net Access.

Thanks For Your Understanding, Now It's Time To Get Back To Work.
If You Have Any Questions, I've Started A Forum Thread Where You Can Ask Me.


Donations For This Month Are Open Now That The PayPal Account Has Been Fixed. Sorry For The Delay.

2009-09-06 15:30Good News

Che Has Made Contact!! It Was From An Email We Left For Him To Contact Us With And He Mentioned Something Very Specific That Happened In TVU's Past, So I'm Fairly Certain It Was Actually Him. If All Goes Well He'll Be Back In 2 Weeks Or So. (YAY!)

-sL, DP, & Staff

2009-07-29 22:43TVU Will Stay Ad Free

But (Don't You Just Hate "But"?), In Order To Do So We Will Have To Raise The Monthly Donation Goal To $300 A Month. That's A $50 Increase Per Month. This Is Likely To Remain The Monthly Goal Until The US Dollar Raises In Value (Yeah Right) Or If We Decide We'd Rather Have Ads Than A Higher Goal.

About The ED2K Server Business. Things Are Still A Bit Hectic Administration Wise And We Feel That It Is Currently In TVU's Best Interest To Focus On Other Issues Than The ED2K Server. This Is Not To Say We Won't Have A Donation Drive In The Future To Pay For Start Up Costs But For The Time Being We Are Not Going To Add More To An Already Full Plate. For Anyone Looking For Reliable Servers Please Check Out Peerates And We Also Remind Users That KAD Is Stronger Than Ever And Generally Should Be Able To Support A Client Not Connected To An ED2K Server. Also, Remember To Forward Your Emule Ports To Get The Best Results.

In Other News The Translations Are Coming Together Rather Nicely. To View A Language Other Than English Please Visit Your Profile Here On TVU.

Thanks For Your Understanding,
sL, DP, And TVU Staff

2009-07-13 15:52Revolution Is My Name

Unfortunately, We At TVU Had No Other Choice But To Perform A Hostile Takeover. As Many Of You Have Noticed, Hypothesized And Generally Spammed The Shout Box With, Che Is Missing. However He Left A Real-Life Friend In Charge Of Paying Bills. This Friend Refuses To Tell Us What Happened To Che And Said That Che Wanted To Tell Us Himself. Two Deadlines For Che's Re-Arrival Have Passed Without So Much And A Hint Of Where Che Is Or What Has Happened To Him.

This Friend Also Has Been Pilfering Money. We Know This Because We Had Infiltrated Che's Email, And PayPal (Among Other Things). But Now His Sticky Fingers Have Left TVU Short On Funds To Pay The Bills We Have. This Is Why We Have Been Forced To Raise More Donations For This Month (+$100).

So We Took Over.....Everything.

Naturally There Will Be Some Restructuring And We Ask For Everyone's Continued Patience While We Continue To Sort This Mess All Out.

To Chely,
You Know I Love Ya Bro But This Can't Go Down Like That. The Lack Of Information And A Friend With Sticky Fingers (In Our Opinion) Attempted To Kill TVU, And We Will Not Allow That To Happen. If You Ever Come Back We Will Consider Giving You The New Infos.

Also, We Have Now (At Least For The Time Being) Disabled Ads.

-sL, -DP

2009-05-11 00:16TVUnderground Clans At

That's Right TVUnderground Now Has Clans At MyBrute (English Remake Of LeBrute). And We Are Now Accepting Applicants From Level 6 Or Better.

You Can Apply Using The Following Format:
Clan 1: Http:// YouBruteNameHere . /team / 8324
Clan 2: Http:// YouBruteNameHere . /team / 56152
Enter Your Brute Name Where Obvious And Remove Spaces. When Clan Page Loads Click Join Clan Link At Bottom Left.

If You Are A New Player And Wish To Start Working Towards Level 6 And Clan TVUnderground Please Be So Kind As To Register From:

Also Once The 50 Clan Member Maxium For Clan 2 Is Met We Will Start A TVUnderground 3 Clan.

Not A Very Important News....Just A Bit Of Time Killing Fun.

Clan TVUnderground 2 Has Been Started And Added To The News.

2009-03-25 09:35We Are Currently Looking For People Fluent In English And Another Language To Translate TVU Into Your Language! You Need To Have Some Spare Time. For More Information See this Forum Thread


2009-02-21 22:15About The Downtime:

Short Version: New Server + Server Admin Without Net = Fail.....

Happens Sometimes Unfortunately. We Will Get Sorted And Ask For Your Patience During Our Rough Spot.

If TVU Does Ever Permanently Die You Can Rest Assured One Of Us Will Either Use The Database To Start A New Version Or We Will Release The Database For Download.

This Database Will Never Just Disappear.

And No We Are Not Getting Rid Of Che, Handing Out Our Database For Mirrors, Or Hiring People. We All Work For Free And Stuff Happens, And We Ask For Your Understanding When It Does.

Thanks For Your Support,
TVU Staff

As ALWAYS We Have Our IRC Running. Any IRC Client Will Work.
/join #tvu OR #tvu-fr

2009-01-28 03:46

Yes, That's Right Boys And Girls. TVU Has Moved Yet Again. This Time We Are Now Hosted In Sweden. This Should Eliminate The Seemingly Random Downtime.

New Specs For TVU Site Server Are As Follows:
CPU: Single Quad-Core Xeon E5405 2.0GHz/2x6mb 1333FSB
HDD: Two (2) 73GB SAS 15krpm With RAID1

2008-12-31 15:43HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

We At TVU Would Like To Wish Everyone A Safe And Happy New Year.

2008-12-24 02:53250,000 Links

That's Right Boys And Girls, TVU Is Now Indexing ¼ Of A Million Links.

Thanks For ALL The Submissions.

And Merry Xmas To All!


2008-10-24 19:15Three Year Anniversary & Another EServer Upgrade

That's Right, TVU Has Turned Three Years Old. We Were Hoping To Release Some Developing Features, But Due To Real Life We Were Unable To Get Them Finished. Hopefully If Everyone Is Good We Can Have Some Goodies Out In Time For Christmas.

Thanks To The Continued Support Of Our Loyal Userbase We Have Been Able To Upgrade The EServer Yet Again With Another 2GB Of Ram Added.

Now Running On A Quad-Core Xeon X3220 2.4 Ghz/2x4MB, 1066FSB 6GB RAM ECC, 100 Mbit Line.

2008-08-11 17:45eServer Upgrade:

Another 2GB Of RAM Has Been Added To Our EServer. Hopefully This Will Help Stop The Constant Crashing.


2008-07-20 18:05EServer Announcement:

Ok People, If We Continue To Have Such A Low Interest In Donating Then We'll Have No Other Choice But To Close TVU DonkeyServer No1. So If You Like TVU Having It's Own Trusted EServer Then By All Means Please Donate So We Can Actually Afford It.

Update: The Goal For July Has Been Reached. Thanks To All That Donated. Please Keep The Donations Coming In The Months To Come.


2008-06-01 23:25TVU Public Service Announcement:

First, We Are Announcing A New Feature For TVU Users: Shows Will Now Have, For Each Season, Links To Staff-Recommended Episode Guides For Those Seasons Of That Show. If A Season Has An Episode Guide Assigned A Link Will Display Below Codec And Resolution Information.

Second, BEWARE ALL IMITATIONS!!! There Are Fake TVU ED2K Servers In Circulation. The Only OFFICIAL TVU ED2K Servers Will Always Be Listed Here On Our Index. The ONLY Real TVU ED2K Server Is Currently Ed2k://|server||6543|/ . For More Information Go HERE.

2008-05-14 09:22Episode Type Guide Updated

We Have Updated The Episode Type Guide And We Encourage EVERYONE To Read It Before Submitting Anything To TVU.

2008-04-29 10:07eD2K Server Upgrade:

TVU DonkeyServer No1

Max Users: 500.000 (For Now)
Quad-Core Xeon X3220 2.4 Ghz/2x4MB
160 GB SATA 7200 133 RPM
100 Mbit Unmetered

TVU DonkeyServer No1

Max Users: 100.000
AMD 2200+
Unlim 20 MBit/s

TVU DonkeyServer No1

2008-04-02 23:39New Voting System Implemented!

Due To It Being A New System All The Votes Have Been Reset. This Was Due To The Old System Having Errors All Through It Due To People Cheating.

You Can Now See What You've Voted On Via Your Personal Menu And Change The Rating You Gave The Show, Or Completely Remove Your Rating.

So All That's Left To Do Is For You To Vote For All Your Favourite Shows And Get The Top 20 List (Found Via Navigation) Re-Populated!

2008-04-01 21:41Genres:
TVU Is Proud To Announce The Addition Of TVU Genres. Once Enough Shows Have Genres Entered We'll Begin Implementation Of A Way To Browse Shows By Genres.

So If You Want To Help Us Get These Done Faster, You Will Find A "Submit Genres" Link In Every Shows Below Year, Above IMDb Genre(s), And Beside TVU Genre(s). For More Information Please Go HERE.

New Ad:
As Some Of You May Have Noticed We Now Have A New Ad Banner To The Right Of Our Logo....this Ad Is REPLACING The Pop-Ups That We Once Had. So Yes TVU Is Now Pop-Up Free.

Thanks For Your Help,
sL, DP, Che And Staff

2008-03-13 20:41We Are Now Offering Hosting Services. Please Click The Hosting Link On The Navigation Menu For More Information.
- Che

2007-12-31 01:18Wow, What A Year For TVU This Has Been......It Has Included The Hiring/Retiring Of Staff, A Ton Of New Features, A Brief Web Skirmish With MoTV, Several Server Changes, Extensive Database Cleanup/Conformity, A Fairly Successful ED2K Server Project, And Of Course.....Through It All......A Loyal User Base That Continues To Fund And Contribute Our Expansion And Existence.

So Where To Begin.....This Year Has Brought Us A Ton Of New Features And Backend Usability For Our Staff.
Most Notable Additions Users Saw/benefited From This Year Included (In No Specific Order):
01. Localized Names Linking Out
02. Sub And Lang Filters
03. Ability To Hide Season Numbers
04. Better Menus
05. User Submission Status Page
06. Error/Additional Information Report Mainpage Feature
07. Mainpage Staff To User PM System
08. Fixed RSS Feeds
09. Alt Show Pictures
10. Description Markup
11. 2nd Dub Flags
12. Better Sub And Season Sorting
13. Dialect Indicator
14. Season/Episode Public Comments
15. Season Name In Links (Per Season)
16. Enhanced Customization Of IMDb Mod
17. Enhanced Voting Look
18. Shorter Language Names In Links
19. Enhanced User Profile Options
20. And Tons Of Code Enhancements To Make A Smoother And Less Resource Eating Using Experience.

This Year The Database Has Received Much Needed Love:
01. DVD Type Tagging
02. IMDB # Push
03. DVB Source Tagging
04. 2000+ Link Doubles Removed
05. 50+ Empty Shows Removed And Still Counting
06. 4000+ Addition Name Errors
07. ~20 Hidden Descriptions Unhidden
08. 56 Empty Extension Fixed
09. 200+ Still Running Seasons Status Changed
10. 100+ Empty Seasons Removed
11. Subtitle Format Change
12. 70+ Quality Anime Descriptions Added
13. ~450+ Episodes With A Space At The Beginning Or The End Of The Title Fixed
14. Episode Titles With Amp; Fixed
15. Tons Of Ripper Names Re-cased Correctly
16. Hundreds Of Mismatched Season Types Fixed
17. Amp; Seasons Fixed
18. Amp; Shows Fixed
19. Related Shows Combined
20. Over 1000 File Extensions Brought To Lowercase
21. BBC And Alike Were Broken Down Into Separate Shows
22. Tons And Tons Of Episode Names Fixed
23. Fixed A Bunch Of Bad Characters (Thx NSV)
24. Moved A Lot Of Part Numbers From The Episode Name Into The Proper Field
25. Several New Episode Types
26. Several New Lang Flags And Lang Combos

ED2K Server:
As Most If Not All Of Our Users By Now 2007 Also Brought Forth The Closure Of Some Major ED2K Servers.....So In Response TVU Started Our Own. After A Few Days A Story Was Picked Up By Slyck And Lead To An Interview....Since Then Our Server Has Been Upgrade, Better Configured And Continues To Be Sponsored By Our Users.

New And Retired/Missing Staff:
There Has Been Too Many Changes So Instead Of Making A List And Forgetting Someone I'm Not Gonna Mention Any Of Them. :P But We Are Glad/Sad To Have You On/Off Our Team.

Web Drama:
As Some Of Our Users Were Here To Witness We Had A Brief Run In With MoTV Over The Posting Of Certain Rips Early To The Mainpage. It Has Since Been Resolved And We Wish Them All The Best In The Upcoming Year.

To Our Users:
Seriously People......THANKS A Million For Your Continued Support And Submissions. For The Most Part We Have Some Great Users That Make TVU An Enjoyable Place.....And To The Problem Children.....Come By IRC And sL Will Sort You Out. :P But Seriously.....Thanks For Staying With Us And We Hope To See You In The Many Years To Come.

Random Fact:
Our Database Is Built Off A Spidered Version Of TRW That At The Time Contained 75,214 Links......TVU Now Boasts Over 180,000.

We At TVU Would Like To Thank Everyone That Had A Part In Building TVU Into What It Is Today. There Has Been Many Many Many Hours Spent On Making TVU Better And There's No Way We Could've Done It Without Everyone Doing Their Part......Be It For Us Specifically Or ED2K/KAD In General. We Also Would Like To Take This Chance To Wish Everyone A Safe New Years And Many More Pirate Days Ahead. {YAAHHHRRRRR}

sLAUGHTER, CheGuevara, DarkPariah, Prower And Staff


2007-11-30 04:15Most Of You Might Not Have Noticed, But TV Underground Quietly Moved Servers. We Are Now Back To Netherlands On A Quad Core, 4 GB RAM Server. Everyone, Especially Our European Users, Should Now Enjoy Quicker Load Times. Let Us Know In The Bug Tracker If Anything Is Not Working As Expected.

2007-11-23 18:55eD2K Server Upgrade

Our ED2K Server Now Has 2gigs Of RAM And Has Been Upgraded From 10mb/s To 20mb/s. Also The Server Has Be Reconfigured Based On The Advice Of The ED2K Server Software Designer.

This All Means That Our Server Can Now Handle More Users And More Files.

Please Use And Abuse It.


2007-11-12 03:37Good Day,
We Are Looking For Data Center, Hosting Companies, Etc, Who Can Provide Us With High Bandwitch Dedicated Servers At A Reasonable Price Or In Return For Advertising (.de And .us DCs Don't Bother) To Use For EDonkey Servers. This Is Your Chance To Help The Whole Ed2k Comunity. EMail To Che_guevara_3[at]bk[dot]ru.
- Che

2007-10-21 20:08HAPPY SECOND BIRTHDAY!!!!

That's Right.....We Managed To Stay Alive And Kicking Ass For The Second Complete Year.

As Always We Still Have Many More Plans On How To Improve TVU And Side Projects That Benefit The ED2K Community.

Also, We Would Like To Thank All The Loyal Users That Keep Us Funded And Full Of Updates.....Without You TVU Wouldn't Be Half The Site It Has Become.

As Well, We Would Like Everyone To Take A Moment Of Silence For All The Great Sites And Servers That Have Fallen Against Our Corporate Enemies....Without These Ancestors TVU Also Would Not Be Where We Are.

2007-10-02 19:37TVUnderground Interviewed On
More Information Can Be Found On Our Forum HERE And The Original Story Can Be Found HERE

Everyone Please Digg,Stumble, And Any Other Social Bookmarking System Out There.

And As Always Our DonkeyServer Project:

2007-09-19 06:10Even More
Hello Everyone, Is Very Pleased To Announce The Beginning Of What We Hope To Be A Massive ED2K Server Campaign.

As We All Know The Copy Cops Are At It Again, This Time Taking On Several Of The Largest ED2K Servers. Well We're Not Going To Take It Lying Down. That's Why We Started Our Own ED2K Servers. And Now We Want Your Help To Make Them Better And To Increase In Numbers. That's Why We Started This Page:

Also We Need Your Help Spreading The Word....and If You Know Of Others Doing A Similar Surge Please Let Us Know So We Can Get The Word Out About Them As Well.

Our First Three Servers:
#1 Ed2k://|server||6543|/ Dedicated Just For This Purpose
#2 Ed2k://|server||6543|/ Shared With TVU And Has Had Numbers Limited In Order To Spare Bandwidth For TVU.
#3 Ed2k://|server||6543|/ Old TVU Server That Has Been Dedicated To This Until The Time It Finally Gets Turned Off

And Before People Start Freaking Out Cause TVU DonkeyServer No2 Does Whois To New Jersey. This Is Because That's Where Our Host's Uplink Provider Is A Traceroute On The Ip And The Server Is Clearly In Canada.

Please Tell Everyone Everywhere You Can (without Getting Annoying).

2007-09-18 01:06More ED2k Server News:

Alright Things Have Been Moved Around And Yet Another Server Purchased....Why? Because We Love Our Users And The Networks We Use.

We Encourage Anyone That's Financially Able To Follow Our Lead And Show That For Every Server They Shut Down We Will Open Three. We Have To Stand Up And Fight Back Even If It's A Tiny Bit Here And There. Do What You Can When You To Fight The Puppets Of The Studios, Refuse To Bend To Their Will, And Always Remember....We Have The Numbers And The Will.

Alright, Alright Before I Fall Into Too Much Of A Rant Let's Get To The Meat.
#1 TVU DonkeyServer No1 Dedicated Just For This Purpose. : Ed2k://|server||6543|/
#2 TVU DonkeyServer No2 Shared With TVU And Has Had Numbers Limited In Order To Spare Bandwidth For TVU. : Ed2k://|server||6543|/
#3 TVU DonkeyServer No3 Old TVU Server That Has Been Dedicated To This Until The Time It Finally Gets Turned Off. : Ed2k://|server||6543|/

Soon We Hope To Have A Page Up If You Wish To Sponsor New Or Better Servers.

As Always,
sL, Che, DP, And Staff

2007-09-17 02:29TVU's Very Own ED2K Server.

Still In "beta" Stage But It's Ready To Start Getting Some Real Use.

Please Use And Love It.....and Spread It To As Many ED2K Sites As You Possibly Can


2007-09-07 08:36Sorry About That Little Downtime, Guys. Our Server Was Getting Some More Ram, But Due To An Error In A Config File Apache Didn't Start Automatically After The Server Was Booted Again. So TVU Was Down Until I Woke Up. This Has Now Been Corrected And We Back Online With 2 Gigs Of RAM.


2007-09-06 03:55Alternative Pics Added!!!

This Mean We Can Now Add Pics To Shows That IMDb Doesn't Have Pics For....Or In Special Cases We Can Overwrite The IMDb Cached Pic With The New One.

Please Only Submit Pics Hosted By Online Image Host PiC.LEECH.iT Or BAYIMG. Cause These Are The Only Image Hosts We Are Allowing.

To Submit These Just Proceed As You Would When Submitting Show Data (Error/Info Report System).

2007-09-06 01:38OK All Known Login And IMDb Bugs Should Be Sorted. Also Server Should Be Running Noticeably Smoother.

Please Report Any Discovered Bug Via Our Forum.

2007-09-05 02:57Wow, What A Mess That Turned Out To Be.

OK, For Everyone In The Dark And Didn't Have The Sense To Hang Out In IRC To Find Out The Deal.....The Plan Started Out With Us Moving To A Temp Host In The UK While We Reformatted Our NL Server. Well After LeaseWeb Decided To Take Their Sweet Ass Time We Ended Up Deciding On And Paying For A Canadian Server. Well As The Canadian Server Is Being Set Up For Use The UK Host Decides To Take Us Off Line....hence The Forbidden Messages.

Too Date We Have Only Been Told By The UK Host "They Received Complaints" And They Have Yet To Respond To Requests For The Return Of The Updated Database. So The Only Thing We Could Do Was To Go Live With The Database From August 30th/31st (Depending On Location).

On The Good Side Us Going Canadian Brings Us Peace Of Mind When It Comes To Legal Issues. As Many Of You Know LeaseWeb Has Been Under Attack By BREIN And Has Been Forced To Give Up Owner Information On A Couple Of Torrent Trackers. So One Could Consider This Move A Premptive Strike Before BREIN Has Time To Focus On Us.

So If You Submitted Something During Our Brief Stay On The UK Host Unfortunately It Has Been Lost And You Will Have To Resubmit It. Sorry For Any Problems But We ARE Back Up And Will Be Better Then Ever. Currently The Are Some Bugs Messing With Us But Will Be Fixed Soon.


2007-08-30 19:38Planned Downtime For Today:

Yes That's Right.....This Time It's Actually Planned! :P

Should Go Smooth As We Transfer Over To A Temp Host While Our Local Server Gets Cleaned And Optimized.

Downtime Should Be Minimal But We Ask You To Hold Off On Submitting Until We Announce That We Are Back And Ready For Database Changes....Probably An Unnecessary Step But We Are Doing This To Ensure That No One Spends Effort And Time On A Submit And It Turns Out To Be Lost During The Transition.


2007-08-21 01:40Dialect Indicator:

Yes, That's Right.....we Now Have A Method For Indicating Specific Language Dialects Such As Cantonese, Quebec French Etc Etc.

Though We Have Included This We Don't Want Dialects Of English (American, British, Canadian). We Only Want Dialects Of Languages Where There Are Significant Difference Between That And The Traditional Language. Please Feel Free To Report Dialects Like You Would Any Other Information (Through The Report System).

2007-08-10 21:00The Deed Is Done....

That's right....ALL Inactive Accounts Have Been Dropped....So If Yours Is Gone.....Don't Cry To Us About It....You've Had Plenty Of Time.

2007-07-31 07:58New Staff Member:

Our Staff Is Growing Once Again.....everyone Please Welcome Alex1969 To The Team. If You Wish To Congratulate Him You Can Do So HERE.

Also Come August 10th ALL Accounts Not Logged Into Within The Last Three Months Will Be Pruned.

2007-07-27 01:06Just A Reminder That Come August 10th ALL Accounts Not Logged Into Since May 10th Will Be Pruned.

2007-07-10 20:31Yeah Seems I Spoke Too Soon... Another Downtime And We Have Switched To Lighttpd From Apache As A Result, Let Us Know If You Find Any Bugs.

- Che

2007-07-06 18:51We Are Finally Back Up! Huge Apologies For This Downtime. We Are Not Completely Sure What Caused Our Server To Go Down, But It Was Purely A Technical Issues. I Could Also Write A Big Rant How Leaseweb's Support Suck, But I'll Refrain... Anyway, Welcome Back Up, Lets Hope This Won't Happen Again.
- Che

2007-06-04 07:15Report Additional Information/Errors

Yes That's Right, We Finally Added A System For Users To Report Errors And Information Through The Mainpage.

This Feature Is Still In "Beta" Mode....But It Seems More Then Ready To Get Some Real Use. So We Are Asking Everyone To Start Reporting Their Found Errors Through This New System. These Reports Are Setup By Season So Our Staff Can Easily Identify What And Where.... Therefor The Link To Submit An Error/information Report Can Be Found Within A Season. For More Information You Can Check Out The Official Thread For This New Feature HERE.

Also I Would Like To Remind Everyone That Come August 10th We Will Be Dropping All Accounts That Have Not Logged In Within The Last Three Months (As Of Then). So If You Have Not Logged In By May 10th Our Time Your Account Will Be Pruned.

As Always,
sL, Che, DP, d0nus, And Staff.

2007-05-10 23:49:::ATTENTION:::

All Inactive Accounts Will Be Dropped In 3 Months. This Means You Have 3 Complete Months From Today To Actually Login Otherwise Say Goodbye To Your Account.

I Would Also Like To Remind You That Having An Account Means That You Can Filter By Language, Customize Link Out Naming Formats, As Well As A Few Other Settings/options.

2007-04-22 00:52Good News Everyone!!

TVU Is Happy To Announce The Addition Of Customizable Link Output.

What Does That Mean? Well To Put It Simply You Can Decide How Your Ed2k Links Look As They Output From TVU. We've Added Five Templates Of The Most Common Formats But We Have Also Included Custom Fields So You Can Have Your Links Any Way You Want Them. Also While Our Coder Was At It We Had Him Add A Profile Option Where Shows Beginning With "The" Can Either Be Outputted As "The Show" Or Can Remain As "Show, The". In Addition An Option Has Been Added To The Foreign Name Out Feature Which Has Recently Been Added. This Means You Can Decide If You Prefer Localized Names Or TVU's Name For Show Name Output In Links. All Three Of These Options Can Be Found Under The Profile Settings. Further Explanation Of Profile Settings Can Be Found HERE.

With Any New Addition We Encourage Constructive Feedback And Ask That Any Bugs Be Reported Politely To Our Bug Tracker.

As Always,
SL, Che, DP, D0nus, And Team

2007-04-18 01:11More News:

1. As The Alt Users should Have Noticed By Now We Have Eliminated The Alternative Layout. We Have Done This For A Few Reasons....First Off The Memory Leak Is Now Solved And Second The Display Bugs In Some Browsers Should Be Fixed. (Please Report Any Missed Bug Via Our Bug Tracker. Also We Hope This Will Bring Together The Community A Little More And Make News Seen By All As Well Forum Releases Seen By More People.

2. The Ability To Hide/Show News And Latest Forum Posts. This Will Stay Set For 24 Hours Regardless If You Are Logged In Or Not.

3. New System Resource Friendly Menu Implemented. (With A Few New Links)

4. User Submission Status: A New Feature (Found In User Account Part Of The Menu As "My Submissions") That Will Show You The Status Of Your Latest Submissions. Obviously You'll Need To Be Logged In.

5. News Archive. A Link Can Be Found In The Navigation Section Of The Menu.

6. Added Option To Hide Season Numbers Per Season. This Is For Anime And Other Shows That Don't Have Conventional Or Multiple Seasons.

7. Several Other Page And Function Optimizations. This Means Faster Page Loads For Everyone.

Before We Have All The Crying Like What Happened With 2.0 Launch...

We Hope You Appreciate All The Hard Work.....If Not Please Be Polite And Use Our Forum To Post Any Suggestions On Improvement. We Encourage You To Use Hard Facts And Examples. All Useless And Non-constructive Complaints Will Be Deleted....So Save Us All Some Time.

As Always,
sL, Che, DP, d0nus And Team

2007-04-12 06:44More Improvements.

Ok I Have Two Things To Announce:

1. Subtitle Filters Have Now Been Added To User Profiles. Please Check The Link In Profile Settings On How To Set Them Properly.

2. Foreign Names Now Link Out. So For All You Non-English Natives The Local Show Name Will Now Link Out For You. Provided There's A Foreign Name Entered For The Season.

As Always,
sL, Che, d0nus, DP, And Staff

2007-04-09 19:47A Call To Our Animation Watchers:

As Some Of You May Have Noticed The Top 20 Shows Now Consists Of Two Lists...One For Live Action And One For Animation/Other.

So We Need All The Votes You People Have To Give...That Way We Can Get A Full 20 Listed For Animation.

Thanks In Advance,
sL, Che, d0nus, DP, And Team

2007-04-05 21:21Step 1:

Well As Some Of You Might Know We've Been Wanting To Revamp Our Submission System Since The Beginning....but Yet We Have Never Found The Time Or Motivation To Do So. Thanks To Our Newest Coder (DarkPariah) Our Dream Of A Smart, Easy Way Of Submitting Multiple Links Is Within Sight.

First Step Was To Add A Couple Mass Fill Options Just To Make The Current System A Little Easier. So Enjoy The Little Bit Of Ease That Has Been Added And Know That Even More Improvements Are Coming.

As Always,
sL, Che, d0nus, DP, And Team

2007-03-31 05:36A Change In How We Do Documentaries...

As Some Might Have Noticed Both BBC And Discovery Channel Have Both Been Broken Down And The Contained Seasons Have Been Exported Into Individual Shows.

From Now On Broad Show Listings Such As BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Etc Will Only Be Used For One-Offs That Are Not Associated To Any Other Series Or Mini. All Others Will Be Treated As Their Own Show.....Just Like Any Other Multiple Episode/Part Broadcast.

As Always,
sL, Che, d0nus And Staff

2007-03-27 23:31PEACE FOR eD2k!!!

We Are Very Pleased To Announce That We Have Made Peace With MoTV. As An Act Of Good Faith We Obviously Deleted The Previous News. So If You Don't Know What Happened....Then Tough....Cause We're Not Going To Dig Up The Past.

Also In Order To Ease Tensions Between Us, TVU Will Be Returning To A Strict 5 Complete Sources Or More For Scene DVDRiPs. Local Rippers Can Still Get Paged Early By Contacting sLAUGHTER.

A Huge Shout Out To Our New Friends At MoTV And TV4ed2k....Keep Up The Good Work.

To Staff: To Get You Powers Back Please Sign Off On The Thread In Staff Section.

As Always,
sL, Che, d0nus, And Team

2007-03-15 22:32Hello,
Just To Let You Know That The Donation Meter Is Back Up, After Like A Week Of Not Working. Seems Donationbooster Likes To Break Things, Without Knowing How To Fix Them. In Any Case, We Got Tired Of Waiting For Them And Now Use Another Service, Which Is Hopefully More Reliable. Anyway It Would Be Great To Collect The Target Some By The End Of The Month.
Thank You Everyone For Your Continuous Support

Che, SL, D0nus And The Team

2007-02-27 00:50Another Productive Day For TVU!!! Today A Few Listing Issues Have Been Solved.

First Off, Shows Are Now Listed By Season Number Rather Then Source. Which Frees Me Up To Add A New Source To The Database, "DVB".

For Those Who Are Unaware DVB Stands For Digital Video Broadcast. DVB Will Be Used As Source For PDTV,DSR, HDTV(can Include DVB-S,C,or T), And The Vague DVB Seasons.

Any Questions About This Decision Or If You Need Further Clarification Please Use Our Forum.

Second, I'm Happy To Announce That The Subtitle Language Sorting Problem Has Finally Been Handled. Now All All Seasons With Sub Languages Entered Are Sorted To The Bottom Of The Dub Listing By Number And Language. Everyone Should Thank Che For This.

Today We Also Decided To Remove "-." From Both Sides Of Season/Ep Number. So It Went From ".-.1x01.-." To ".1x01.". Also We've Decided To Remove "english" From Outputting In Links Where It Is The Only Dub. For Those That Are Counting That's 11 Characters Removed From Links!!!

Also A Few Other Listing Bugs Have Been Sorted Including One Preventing Sub Tags From Being Outputted For Links That Had No Ep Number. Thus Sooo Many Anime Seasons With Season Numbers For No Reason. So Expect The Anime Seasons To Start Losing Season Numbers With A Cheat Of Putting Ep #s In Titles.

Also So The Verifiers Don't Feel Left Out....Che's JS Guy Fixed All The Mass Edit Features.

Thanks To All The Bug Spotters And Fixers,

SL, Che, D0nus And Staff

2007-02-20 19:03Well People After A Lot Of Data Entry, Deleting, Research, And Help From A Talented Coder, ALL Empty Shows And Seasons Have Been Identified And Removed. (~30 Shows &amp; ~400 Seasons) Some Of Which Dating Back To Before Che And I Took Over.

Also All Currently Available IMDb ID Numbers Have Been Entered. Leaving ~80 Shows That The Staff Were Unable To Find IMDb Pages For. If You Are Interested In Creating The Missing Pages Or Double Checking Our Work A Master List Can Be Found HERE.

Also The Database Has Been Optimized And You Should Notice An Increase In Speed.

Thanks As Always,
SL, Che, & Staff

2006-12-05 04:36Ok We Have Now Hired Two New Verifiers; Phoenician And NSV. So Everyone Please Welcome The New Staffers.

2006-10-23 16:14On This Day A Year Ago TV Underground Was First Born. This Year Has Been Hard, Fun, And A Major Learning Experience For Us. We've Had Technical Difficulties, Internal Arguments, Site Attacks, Money Problems And Much More, But We Have Always Done Our Best To Remember Our Users And To Stay On The Right Path.

During This Year We Have Constantly Improved The Site: Fixing Bugs; Adding New Features; Changing Server Providers. However, One Thing Always Bothered Us And Was Not Very Easy To Change: The Site's Design. One Of The Few The-FreeWorld's Bad Legacies. But On This Day We Can Finally Say That We Feel Proud Of TV Underground's Design, For Today We Introduce To You TV Underground 2.0.

Read The Full Announcements Here

2006-07-11 04:35With All The Reorganizing Going On There Are A Few Bugs That Have Arose That We Are Well Aware Of And Working On:

- 0 Season Bug....Output Links Hide Name And ##
- Numbering System Is Jacked In A Few Spots
- Season Names Automatically Insert Themselves Into Links Instead Of Being A Staff Option Per Season
- DVD/VHS Episode Links Do Not Contain The "DVD" Tag Unless Season Has Already Been Retagged Using The "Type" (HDTV/PDTV/ect) Field

If You Have A Bug Not Listed Here Please Submit It At The Forums Or If You Already Did So Please Bump It.


Recently Worked On:
- Episode Type Not Being Displayed In Ed2k Links Fixed
- Downloading More Then One Episode Makes The Leading 0 Still Appear In Episode Links
- Submited Descriptions Weren't Preserving Breaks
- Staff Submited Descriptions Were Not Automatically Verified
- Description Edit System Fixed


Also The August Donation Campaign Is Now Posted

As Always Is Can Be Found At:


Short Version:

We Are Working Hard To Make TVU As Great As It Should Be.... Help Us Pay Bills.


-sL, Che, & Staff-

2006-01-06 11:21Well We Officially Hit The Big Time:

Look At The FAKES:

A Word About/To These Sites.....
They Are Pathetic Attempts To Make You Pay For What Is Already Free...... Do Not Be Fooled.
These Sites SUCK!!! Do Not Be Fooled By The Imitations.

Seriously..... Fuck Them.

So You Know,

TV Underground Does Not Host Any Files.
TV Underground Is Only Indexing Files On The eD2k & KAD PeerToPeer Networks.
All Trademarks And Copyrights On This Page Are Owned By Their Respective Owners.
TV Underground Is Not Responsible For Content Of User Submitted Materials.
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