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November 2020 Donations

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 4 hours ago Memor:
hello oh ok weird... thx
 4 hours ago NCIS5150:
The Voice 19x10 is corrupt, only last 20 minutes.
 11 hours ago v8commodore:
It's the only one Icannot find anywhere, hoping someone might share it thru eMule
 28 hours ago sflesch:
v8 is 2x08-09 in there? I've got everything else, but that one isn't going anywhere.
 31 hours ago tavsan:
Thanks all for Black Lightning re-share
 35 hours ago bamealor1976:
anybody seen them street outlaws around anywhere
 3 days ago sflesch:
Thanks V8
 4 days ago marcus33:
Has the 2020 Parks & Recreation Special aired yet?
 4 days ago raesha:
has someone perhaps "The Iron Mask" as torrent file? xxx
 4 days ago v8commodore:
Hotel Transylvania Season 2 added to my shared folder 720p
 4 days ago sflesch:
I can't get into Forums currently. Does anyone have Hotel Transylvania Season 2 720p to reshare?
 4 days ago sflesch:
Thanks Memor. Drilling Down is one of those sort of behind the scenes TV shows. Digging Deeper is also a companion show for that.
 5 days ago sflesch:
@marcus33 Did you ever get into the forums? I know it's different credentials, but I can't seem to get into mine either now.
 6 days ago McVeyClan:
Thanks Memor my old laptop buffers bad on anything 720 or higher
 6 days ago RolandGB:
Thanks Memor
 6 days ago Memor:
good for Real Time With Bill Maher and Hell's Kitchen (Us), i seed with my server, the server of TVU is broken i hope is back soon thx
 6 days ago Memor:
hello sflesch, ah ok so yes i move this link, i hope now this links 8x01 is good show, you can check? i don't understand The Curse Of Oak Island and The Curse Of Oak Island Drilling Down.. i don't see this show thx
 6 days ago Memor:
hello McVeyClan, yes i have other links for 19x05 i post soon thx
 6 days ago Memor:
hello rolandGB i yes i post soon thx
 6 days ago RolandGB:
Will «Real Time With Bill Maher» for November 13th be posted?
 6 days ago McVeyClan:
Did they ever post a Hell's Kitchen (Us) 19x05 Web? 720P just doesn't cut it
 6 days ago sflesch:
I did get the first episode of Curse from here. I think the 720p one might be mislabeled as the torrent is there. I have the regular and drilling down, both labeled as from Bae, but both are different.
 7 days ago raesha:
@memor xxx thank you so much for "a timeless Christmas", you're an ANGEL
 8 days ago stargard:
@tavsan, first 10 are up, plz let me know when you have them
 8 days ago raesha:
has probably someone "A Timeless Christmas" to share as a Torrent file?
 8 days ago shorty:
Chronic420: Curse of Oak Island Drilling Down 8x01 is just a rerun of Curse of Oak Island episodes, nothing new in there, don't waste your bandwidth! Not a spin off.
 9 days ago McVeyClan:
tavsan:I have the last 6 on share but the first 10 have been stalled for a while
 9 days ago SirDarcy:
Does anyone have "Der Bestatter" season 5 - 7 in the original languagae (Swiss German)?
 10 days ago tavsan:
Anyone has "Black Lightning S02 dvdrip TAXES"?
 10 days ago shorty:
Sent $100 USD, have a good Thanksgiving if you celebrate! Until next month.
 11 days ago moisan4:
Sorry, Corner Gas.
 11 days ago moisan4:
Can anyone reshare seasons 3-6 of Corner Cas.
 11 days ago POshyte:
hi all, i was hoping some1 has Benidorm available, i need vavious episodes from seasons 2-6 to finish series, thanks
 12 days ago Perogative:
fifilahonte: thanks mate yes was looking for english spoken as a Netflix release thought it would be in eglish i must of been mistaken thanks anyway
 12 days ago raesha:
can someone perhaps reshare for Torrent: Children in Need 2020 once more I would be so grateful about
 12 days ago McVeyClan:
Ed2k reshare/request list in forum updated again, Thanks people for helping
 13 days ago Chronic420:
Nevermind I found it in the end. Here is the hash for it if it helps 97625b3179ec9304- 85c9b1dc9100cb9ce9ecc968
 13 days ago Chronic420:
According to google drilling down aired 1 hour before the season 8 premiere of Curse of Oak Island. Do you by any chance have a link for that? Searching around I can only find this one show named differently. The whole world seems confused by this.
 13 days ago Memor:
ok i move thx
 13 days ago Memor:
hello oh weird... not season 8 for Curse of Oak Island Drilling Down, i check thx
 13 days ago Chronic420:
The Curse Of Oak Island - 8x01 - Remote Control.mkv is actually Curse of Oak Island Drilling Down 8x01 which is a spin off expansion show. You really got my hopes up for a new season for a minute there
 13 days ago fifilahonte:
@Perogative do you mean english spoken or subtitles in english ? ENglish spoken is not released yet to my knowledge. You can find german spoken with many subs including english on torrents sites. Let us know if it helps...
 13 days ago McVeyClan:
Thanks Memor for the Ion10 uncencored Hell's Kitchens so much better without the bleeps
 16 days ago Perogative:
please please does anybody have netflix Barbarians in english ? only German/french on here
 16 days ago 1on1:
@phoenix69 : https://uptobox.- com/gkv62qft1ntg for HDTV, and https://uptobox.- com/pnq190b3zl3p for 720p. Tell me if everything works fine.
 17 days ago phoenix69:
Has someone The Leftovers 2x.03.Bretelle.D- e.Sortie please ? 94,4 % already downloaded but no files to complete the download for weeks :(
 22 days ago dumschitt:
Sent via PP $20Aud
 23 days ago raesha:
sent you 50$ via PayPal for November :-)
 24 days ago samsara:
send 15 euros
 25 days ago raesha:
has someone perhaps "Holidate" in German as a Torrent file? Thank you so much to help xxx
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